2008 SHARKHUNTERS "Southern Patrol"
Beautiful Austria
..... and much more

As our bus rolled southward,, the majestic Alps loomed ahead of us and soon we are deep into them, with castles along the side of the autobahn.  After a pleasant lunch stop not far from Salzburg, we arrived in Kärnten (Carinthia) in southern Austria.


We are again in beautiful Landskron Castle, high above the city lights below.  Upper left - JASON BULKELEY (7254-2007) checks the special Sharkhunters 25th Anniversary Menu and (upper right) MARK KUBA (7306-2008) talks with his mother.

our special menu       the Castle Minstrel entertains us.

After en excellent dinner, Sharkhunters founder HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) is knighted by the Graf (Count) von Lanskron.  He was the first American ever knighted at this castle and his certificate of Knighthood is upper right.  He was asked to swear to defend the castle with sword if ever needed.  Being a former weapons specialist, HARRY said he would rather use a machine gun.

The next American to be knighted (photos above center and right) was CHRIS BANDA (6733-2003) and he was followed by Austrian EDDIE KUMMER (6469-2001).

As already mentioned, we ate really well on this "Patrol"
and above is our hotel breakfast
  We spent time in the old town section of Klagenfurt, Capitol of Kärnten and there was a puppet show going on the for the local kids.
CHRIS with a veteran friend   there was a small Oktoberfest is this little town
with a camel ride for the kids.
The Lady Mayor looks on as JASON shows his
videotapes to a veteran upper left.
  the entertainment.



This beautiful one-of-a-kind compass and case was a gift from our friend STEFAN STANCHEV (7341-2008).

Below left - the entertainment continues                      Below right - STEFAN's daughter and her husband enjoy the music.


During our time here in Austria, we visited the Castle Hochosterwicz, known as the "Castle of 16 Gates" because of the 16 fortified gates leading to the castle itself.  This castle never fell in battle.  Click on the photo of "Sepp" and come along with us.

During our stay in Kärnten, we again visited the shooting range and with so many guys who were "on the job" or retired from "the job", there was some pretty great shooting!


Upper right - our friend Michael (on the left) owns the hotel.  On the right is HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983)


Naturally, the main reason we are here, the high point of the entire "Patrol" is the Memorial Ceremony atop Ulrichsberg.

KEN USHER (7307-2008) drinks his schnapps as DAN
HARVEY (7290-2007)
waits; the schnapps girl is happy.
  COOPER looks deep in thought.....probably the
mustard didn't agree with him.
the Austrian Army does a great job with crowd control and, together with the Fire Department, use their four wheel drive vehicles to help people up and down the mountain who would have a tough time of it.    
The Memorial on the mountain is fantastic   the ruined church has become its own Memorial to
the men who did not return.
      Memory of those who did not return
Inside this ruined church are dozens and dozens of Memorial plates to those honored veterans.


And the "Flame of Flanders" group is with us again.


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