2008 SHARKHUNTERS "Southern Patrol"
Croatia was Magnificent!

We went into Italy - the village of Redipuglia where a major battle of WW I was fought, and it was here that young Erwin Rommel distinguished himself and was decorated with the Pour le Merit, the Blue Max.
We visited Miramare, the castle home of
Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico.

 Well, he thought he would be Emperor of Mexico
but the job did not work out for him.
He probably should have remained here in
this beautiful palace at Trieste.

The dock where Maximilian boarded the ship
for his voyage to Mexico.
A small part of the gardens.

MARK KRATZ (7271-2007) looks around and
figures "It's good to be 'da king!"
Brandon Bulkeley and Mrs. Kuba enjoy the beautiful
day and the magnificent surroundings.

Then we went further south into Croatia, to the town of Opatija on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.  The beauty of this area is almost beyond description, so we'll just let the photos tell the story.  These two photos (below) were shot right off my hotel room veranda.




Our hotel.
The door from the room onto the
veranda seen from outside.....
and from inside.

One evening we spent on a dinner cruise on the Adriatic - the sea of Ulysses; of Agamemnon; of so many of history's great names.

A stowaway on board.
"Where's the food?"

WILL BARLOW (7390-2008) looks around.
MARILYN TIMMS (5516-1998) enjoys the breathtaking sunset
from the deck as "Captain" MARK KUBA (7306-2008)
steers our boat across the Adriatic.

"Captain" MARK

As you can see, it was a great "Patrol".  From the left:
     DEAN ANTHONY (7116-2006)
          EDDIE KUMMER (6469-2001)
               MARK KRATZ (7271-2007)
                    HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983)

As on all Sharkhunters "Patrols", we ate REALLY WELL!


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