2008 SHARKHUNTERS "Southern Patrol"
Hochosterwicz - Castle of 16 Gates

We usually visit this beautiful castle in the sky - but this time, the tram was under repair, so we walked all the way to the top of this mountain - then walked all the way back down!  It was easy to understand why this castle never fell in battle.  It was impregnable.

On this page, we have merely laid out a number of photos here for your enjoyment.

Here is the gate where we begin.  Doesn't appear too difficult - so far.   TROY STROTHER (7255-2007) and KEN USHER
are heading up the path.
Clive Barlow and his son WILL BARLOW (7390-2008) helping "Sepp" Dorsch
up the mountain.  He walked every step of the way up and back down.
  DEAN ANTHONY (7116-2006) is filming.


    MARK KUBA (7306--2008) scans the landscape
far below from one of the 16 gates.
    The two Australians, WILL and Clive, still assisting the German veteran, "Sepp" up the mountain.    

Below - KEN is passing the Kirchentor (church gate) and almost to the castle on top.


We have reached the outer courtyard and (upper right) enter into the castle itself.
the family crest.   the inner courtyard where we relax.

Below - paintings of the family who lived here centuries ago.  Well, not all of them - below right really is WILL.


Now we go into the museum, which houses many of the family's treasures.


After we spend some time enjoying the castle, it is time to eat - and we are shown into the room where the Graf (count) would entertain special visitors.  So, from the left, here are just some of our troops.
TROY STROTHER (7255-2007) in the background;
     MARK KRATZ (7271-2007)
          MARK KUBA (7306-2008)
               HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983)
                    WILL BARLOW (7390-2008)

                                    Clive Barlow
                                         "Sepp" Dorsch

We SAID it was a long way up the mountain to this castle - and due to the tram being kaput, we walked every step of the way up and every step of the way back down.  It was a great cardio-vascular workout.............

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