2008 SHARKHUNTERS "Southern Patrol"
München, the place of the Monks..... and much more

We spent some great days in this city some eight and a half centuries old and filled with history of so many ages.  We toured the famous places in Munich - including some that were not on the normal tours.  We began in the Viktualenmarkt then saw Feldherrnhalle and the buildings of the Reich that are still standing, we saw Hitler's apartment where his niece Geli was killed.  It is reported that she had a torrid affair with Hitler.  Did she commit suicide out of grief or was she killed as a possible hindrance?  We saw the house that Hitler bought for Eva Braun in the early days of their courtship.

JASON BULKELEY (7254-2007) brought his son, and he said this about this 'Patrol':

"I had a fantastic time!  Most vivid memory was the dinner cruise in Opatija!  This was a great group; great leader!  The Ulrichsberg Memorial, the 'special guest' and the zum Türken stay were bonuses!"

Before we even got started, MARK KRATZ (7271-2007) stopped for a visit (below left) with Josef "Sepp" Dorsch as his home.  During our dinner at the Löwenbräukeller, our friend GEORG HÖGEL (240-LIFE-1987) gave a beautiful silk necktie (below right) emblazoned with the emblems of the German U-Bootwaffe of three eras to Sharkhunters Founder and President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) and said that he respected him for telling the true history of his comrades in the U-Bootwaffe.
MARILYN TIMMS (5516-1998) wrote this about the 'Patrol':
"I'm well pleased; it was well organized - thanks!  The Patrol was well paced - many things I would not have seen on my own - congenial fun group - so much was fascinating, it is impossible to pick the best moment."

When in München, one must visit the city hall (photo upper left) at either 11 am or noon to watch the dancing figures and the jousting knights that come forth from the tower and the music plays.  Somehow, the Bavarian knight always unhorses the French knight - he never loses.   We also visited buildings that were built by the Third Reich,
such as this above right and below left..



Lunch on our final day in München naturally, was at the famed Hofbraühaus where major party speeches were held in the third floor room that could seat some 800 people.  Photo upper right and both below is our group having a great lunch there.


This resplendent staircase leads to the third floor and we see the ceiling is much the way it was in the 1930's.

In the two photos above, we see the room itself, but you must be standing right there to appreciate the size of the room.

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