2008 SHARKHUNTERS "Southern Patrol"
Nürnberg - so much history is here.

We spent more great days in this city that has so much history from so many eras.  Come along with us and enjoy what we saw, what we experienced and what remains in our memories.


Just a hundred meters or so from our hotel is the old Königstor (the King's Gate) where HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) and our friend DIETER FUNK (7368-2008) enjoy a glass of German white wine in a winestube that is more than 400 years old.

TROY (7255-2007) said this:
"I had a fantastic time!  Most vivid memory of the trip was Zeppelin Stadium and the Corgreßhall in Nürnberg.  The Patrol was great!"

Our group was then met by our friend MICHAEL KAISER (6166-LIFE-2000) for a special personally guided tour of historic places.


At Zeppelnfeld, the place of the Party rallies, MICHAEL goes into great historic detail.

Photo below - Our group takes the special entrance, the one Hitler used when he arrived from the nearby train.

........and once inside...............


Inside the huge grandstand is a special room where Hitler held receptions prior to coming out his special door to address the crowds.  The "gold room" (photo above) still has the inlaid swastikas inlaid in the ceiling.  This room is off limits to all - except Sharkhunters

Inside Hitler's personal office.   Another ceiling mosaic.

When Hitler was ready to make his appearance, this door (photo above) would open and he would emerge to the roaring crowds that had waited for him, sometimes for hours.  As with most speakers, he always made sure he was just a little bit late to heighten the crowd's anticipation.  Only Hitler used these doors.


We see one more inlaid ceiling in this reception hall (above left) then set out for the Congreßhall (above right and below).  This was built similar to the Coliseum in Rome, but so much larger that the Coliseum could easily fit into the open area of the Congreßhall .

This building was to have housed many government offices, but it was never completed.  In the late stages of the war, it was used as a field hospital and when Germany surrendered, this area was taken over by the U.S. Army who found there were seventeen wounded men of the Waffen SS in this hospital.......these men were taken out of this hospital after the war was over - and in what can only be described as a shameful act, they were shot dead in this courtyard by American soldiers.

In this sort of panorama we get a feeling for the massive size of the Congreßhall.


In this part of the panorama we see RALPH FRÖHNER (7393-2008) taking a picture of HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) who is taking a picture of RALPH who is taking a picture of..........oh well, you get the idea.

Veteran fighter pilot HARRY SCHMIDT (7354-2008) said this about his time on this "Patrol":
"I had a really good time.  Trip went as planned; well organized.  I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the Germans we met and hear their viewpoint.  The patrol was all a new experience.  I took it in as a learning opportunity.  Enjoyed seeing the country, landscape and layout of the historic sites visited."

Below - the group listens intently as MICHAEL gives more explanation of the Congreßhall.


At one end of the Congreßhall is this special doorway (above left) that was made only for Hitler to use.  Above right photo shows the enclosed driveway that goes all the way around the outside of the Congreßhall - large enough for trucks to drive on it.

We paused for lunch (below left) in a very special place - Burger King!  But this is not just ANY Burger King, this one is in a former electric power station designed by Albert Speer!



In the old town section of Nürnberg we see one of the cathedrals (upper left) and the city hall (upper right and both below).



we are inside a special room in city hall where heads of state,
knights and kings met in conference over the centuries. 
in the restaurant where we enjoy the special Nürnberger sausage.
Our friend Oberstleutnant Heinz Keith is waiting patiently for his meal.


We sure ate well on this "Patrol".
15 year old Brandon Bulkeley came with his father and here he is getting his camera ready as U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran BILL NAPIER (2290-C/LIFE-1992) looks on.

Military cemeteries are always a place of honor and respect, and the city of Nürnberg is to be commended for the outstanding way they take care of them.  This memorial of the fallen soldier is awe-inspiring.

  "Wir Gedenken Euer"
"We Honor You"

Then we are in the fantastic museum that MICHAEL founded and operates.  It is a wonderful museum, and we will let the photos take you along on this trip into history.  The photos speak for themselves.


From the museum we go to the 'Palace of Justice' and visit Room 600 (below left) where the Nürnberg Tribunals were held.  We are in Room 600, probably for the last time.  This room will be turned into a museum shortly.  Below right is the market square and the old fountain.


We sure did eat well on this 'Patrol' too.....
The cathedral on the market square

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