2008 SHARKHUNTERS "Southern Patrol"
Back into Germany - to Bayern

We are now in a very beautiful part of Germany - in Bayern and to no one's surprise, we begin with more food.  This is a huge baked potato (below left) overflowing with 'quark' which is sort of like sour cream - but not quite.


Above right and both below - our special surprise guest, MANFRED ROEDER (1517-LIFE-1990).  Manfred is a staunch leader of the right wing in Germany.  He ran, unsuccessfully, against Schroeder and Kohl in 1998 when Kohl was defeated and Schroeder won.  For his efforts, he was imprisoned for more than two years.


Above left - yep, we are STILL eating.  It is impossible to get a bad meal in Germany or Austria - and beautiful waitresses are everywhere.  This just shows what a difficult job it is being the Group Leader.


(Eagle's Nest)

HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) and STEFAN STANCHEV (7341-2008) just got off the elevator (upper left) at the beautiful Eagle's Nest and they are wondering what is this white stuff all over the tables).    

Inside the Eagle's Nest (upper left) CHRIS BANDA (6733-2003) and EDDIE KUMMER (6469-2001) wait for their lunch while (upper right) "Ma" and MARK KUBA (7306-2008) are about to order theirs.  Below left, WILL BARLOW (7390-2008) and his father Clive are checking the camera in front of the big marble fireplace given by Mussolini.


However, outside it is not so warm.  In fact, we have a full blown blizzard shaping up and while some may find it uncomfortable, it is absolutely beautiful - but nobody is eating or drinking outside on this day.


Below - we enjoy another great meal here, this time in the favorite restaurant of Dietrich Eckhard.  He was more or less the founder of the NSDAP and he was a mentor to Hitler.


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