SHARKHUNTERS International
2009 Argentine Expedition

Report from HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) - As is my usual practice, I arrived Buenos Aires a day early (Saturday) and Dr. RALPH FRÖHNER (7392-2008) was already there so we walked to some nearby sights such as the huge monument to General San Martin (below left) and the memorial to those who fell in the Islas Malvinas War.


Above right - the names of the men who fell in this combat are on this wall but we are told that this is greatly understated since the numbers of suicides of the men who lived through the conflict is far above average not only for the Argentine veterans, but for the British veterans as well.  In the photos below, the Honor Guards are wearing the older, historical uniforms on this day.


Right outside our hotel is the city's most upscale street - Calle Florida, and it is more or less the Rodeo Drive or the Kudam of Buenos Aires.  In additional to the many exclusive shops, there are street performers like the living statues seen below left.  And below right is the beautiful Argentine Navy Club, across the street from our hotel.


RALPH had located the oldest tango club in Buenos Aires, so he and I set off on foot to the Club Tortoni about 1 kilometer away.  The show was just 60 pesos each - that is only about seventeen bucks or fourteen Euros!  It was outstanding - a long dance number then a 'torch' singer would perform for a while, then more dance numbers, more singing and as the evening progressed, the singer was more and more powerful, the dances more and more sensuous.

one of the dancers


the 'torch' singer

We met a family there from Brazil - the 73 year old father was born in Germany and lived there through the war years before moving to Brazil.  He and I and Ralph conversed in German and he was so happy because he told us this was the first time he was able to speak German with anyone in seven years!

This was the first Sharkhunters 'Patrol' for Dr. RIGOLF HENNIG.  He sent his thoughts about this expedition and he stated:
"I had a fantastic time!  Most vivid memory of the 'Patrol' was the visit of the atomic research laboratory on the island - in fact, every place was worth seeing.  I do not know much about the previous patrols but I know that this was one of the most interesting tours I ever made."

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