SHARKHUNTERS International
2009 Argentine Expedition

Monday - it is time to leave Buenos Aires and head for the Andes Mountains.

As we have always said, we eat well with Sharkhunters - and in style.  Check out the breakfast room at the Navy Hotel.


We check out of the hotel and head for the very modern Aeroparque located on the shores of the Rio Platte.  No, we cannot see across to Montevideo - the river is about 50 kilometers wide here.


Soon are winging our way westward and as we see out the window on the very new and modern airliner, the snow-capped peaks of the Andes are looming ahead - waiting for this first ever Sharkhunters expedition to the German Third Reich facilities in the area.................or is that the Fourth Reich?


Soon we were on the ground in the little town we call "Stadt".  We know this is not the name of the town since 'Stadt' is the German word for city, but Sharkhunters Members will read the correct name in our KTB Magazine.  After getting our mini-vans, which we really beat near to death on these roads (roads?????) over the next week or so, we checked in to our hotel.


By late afternoon, we were walking through the town, sightseeing and naturally, heading for a restaurant.  We chose a nice sidewalk cafe that served great Argentine food..........and pretty great pizza too.


Okay, we've had dinner but something is missing.  Of course - this area is famous for the great chocolate they produce, so we head for the Mamushka Chocolate outlet.  Anyone know what Mamushka means?


We didn't, but it really didn't matter because the food was so good.  We really ate well this day.


Upper right - this fellow was in the town square and we have no idea what he was doing there - but the emblem on his shirt is the very same as the emblem used by the group headed by MANFRED ROEDER (1517-LIFE-1990).  Why?  We have no idea.

With all this food and with the hour getting late, we headed to our hotel for some much needed rest.  Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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