SHARKHUNTERS International
2009 Argentine Expedition
This is the island where escaping German scientists built and operated an atomic research laboratory beginning in 1947 - two years AFTER the end of World War II.  It was reported that they did actually achieve a low-level thermonuclear reaction here in the late 1940's or early 1950's - COLD FUSION!

And why did these atomic scientists choose this island and this area to build their nuclear research facilities?  The answer is on this page, further down.

Wednesday - off to the island!  

We depart the hotel in our two vans.  Our call signs, generated by retired police officer MARK KRATZ, were Golf Lima 1 and 2.  For those never in law enforcement or the military, Golf Lima is the phonic for "G" and "L".  And why "G" and "L" you might ask?  That stands for 'Gringos Loco'.  And so we head for the marina........................

Our group arriving on the dock where we will board the
chartered boat for our visit to - the island.

RALPH and RIGOLF look pleasantly pleased at
the choice of our boat.

No beat up old AFRICAN QUEEN scow for us - our Sharkhunters group travels in style!  All the comforts of home in the cabin below - then we are on our way across the lake.


As we board our boat we see a World War Two landing craft
nearby loading with lumber for.....well, we don't know.

Dr. ELLIS and his daughters waiting to board.

the name of the yacht on the far left is 'CALEU CALEU'.  Is that a local Indian word or could that be a modified version of 'KALEU KALEU'?  As we know, Kaleu is the short version of the German naval rank of Kapitšnleutnant.


We are headed out to sea................well, across this very large lake.


AHA!  There is THAT tower again............the watch tower built in the war years; built to house about ten to twelve men with sleeping and cooking facilities.  The tower commands a view of anything coming across the lake from this direction.  The story of this watch tower and the bunker at the other end of the lake are described in the KTB Magazine of Sharkhunters.

We are nearing the dock on the remote island - THAT dock that took a chunk out of COOPER's arm in January 2008.  As we will learn in a few days - COOPER goes home from Argentina each time with more and more creative injuries.  Keep reading......


Below left - THAT dock was waiting!  Below right - The Prefectura (Argentine Coast Guard) welcomes COOPER, a former Flotilla Commander with the United states Coast Guard (Aux).  Check the belt buckle............


The Exploration Begins............

No, that is not the sentry......
WOW!  Talk about a 'bad hair day.'
okay, we found it.....we found WHAT?   There is a lot of strange stuff on this island.

Okay - so why did Dr. Richter and his associates choose this island across from the little town we call 'Stadt'?  According to information
from our S.E.I.G. Agent TIGER,
   *  By end of WW II, 'Stadt' was inhabited almost entirely by Germans;
   *  They had their own armed security patrols in and around 'Stadt';
   *  Armed patrol boats patrolled the entire lake;
   *  We have seen the lookout positions including;
             *  the lookout tower at one end of the lake,
             *  the bunker at the other end of the lake,
            *  the many observation posts set up by Otto Mehling.


But that isn't all!  S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER has recently uncovered a HUGE amount of files that, among other formerly unknown data was found Intel relating directly to German scientists, military men, their families etc. - THOUSANDS of them - and some of it pertains directly to this area.  All the details located by TAUCHER will be in the KTB Magazine of Sharkhunters.  We have seen these documents and believe me, it will rock the 'history' that we were taught in 5th grade.  Don't miss the next issues of our KTB Magazine.


Both above - There are large square slabs of concrete on top of a built up area and we want to learn what it was.  We read that the scientist in charge, Dr. Robert Richter, "submerged" his reactor under thousands of bags of cement.  Our theory is that in translation, "submerged" probably really was "buried" and so if that were the situation, we would be standing on top of the roof of the buried reactor.  We probed, dug and probed some more but were not able to get through.

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Both below - HALEY HAYES (7403-2008) is not giving up - she really wants to see what is here!


brings in more diggers - her sister Chelsea, her husband Mark and COOPER with the White's metal detector.

We did find these stairs to........?????

Dr. RALPH FR÷HNER (7392-2008) tries his hand with the White's metal detector.

not sure what it is we are finding, but we figure it's a goldfish pond
decoration of a house that once stood nearby?????

into the ruins of one of the buildings that


 made up the laboratory complex.

our White's metal detector found this.....whatever it is.   Dr. CHARLIE ELLIS (7324-LIFE-2008) peers through it.

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Next we come upon a building that looks as if it were in a fierce firefight.....


This was the home of Dr. Richter on the island and there is no reason to believe there ever was a gun battle near here.  The island was shut down and deserted in the late 1950's and once Juan Perůn was out of power, it is not unlikely that the new government sent the army to the island to see what Peron was doing there and maybe the soldiers just shot at the building - we don't know, but from the holes in the building, it is apparent that they were made by heavy military rifles.


Note how it was built for 'beneath the floor' heating.  The floor boards were placed on top of the large stringers so the air - heated or otherwise, could flow freely beneath the floor of the home.


We move on from Dr. Richter's home to another part of the laboratory complex.

there was a depression in an area beneath where the floor
would have been but we find nothing unusual.
Off to another abandoned
laboratory building.............
Sharkhunters explorers hard at work - walking in the footsteps of history..............................and traveling through the tunnels of time.  

Departing this building and we pass another of those signs that say that Sharkhunters are welcome here - but in this case, once we were through the underbrush and into a meadow, we spent much time picking thorns and stickers out of our pants.


When we reach the next building, we are still picking stickers out of our pants - or in the case of those who wore shorts - picking the stickers out of their bare legs - OUCH!  But we are tough - we are Sharkhunters.

What once stood on this foundation?

Exploring the next abandoned laboratory building


using the White's XMT-300 metal detector.

Time for a lunch break
Our lunch picnic meal was in the shadows of this boat that will never sail again.


Everyone was sharing food, trading cheese for tomatoes, ham for sausage etc. with one another.  It was exactly what Sharkhunters is meant to be - a large family.  This was one of the best groups ever to travel with Sharkhunters.

did we mention the stickers and thorns in the underbrush
here?  This was just five minutes worth.


we have no idea what was once in this cut-out area, but we
put in the water bottle for size comparison.

Lunch break - okay, so we got carried away and stuck in a quote from the 'Rubiat' by Omar Kyham but why not?  It was quiet, relaxing with friends - and in the tunnels of time with Sharkhunters.


Back into the field...
We return to our work

Perhaps you could tell by the large round objects - we are told they are 'control rod refueling ports' and we are at the building that was once the reactor building where the low level thermonuclear reaction was achieved


Dr. CHARLES ELLIS is giving the Geiger counter a workout
to make sure there is no residual radiation.
another of the observation ports which would have had heavy
glass at either end and the gap between filled with water
to lessen the escaping radiation.

another observation port, filled in with rubble.
for whatever reason, the reactor building is the only
structure in the complex to be dynamited.

Above and below - there were several structures that were obviously


 foundations/fundaments for machinery of some type.


It was inside the reactor building where Dr. CHARLES ELLIS handed the Geiger counter to his daughter HALEY HAYES and when he least expected it, she asked (with a sly grim) "Daddy, why does it show 5.4?"  CHARLIE nearly turned himself inside-out spinning around to look at the instrument.  That's when HALEY broke into outright laughter.  The counter really indicated zero radiation.

nobody could guess what this melted black stuff was.
Somehow HALEY got caught up in the thick brush   One wonders how long until nature reclaims it all here.

Above and right - We found what appears to be some kind of schematic etched into these rocks inside the reactor building.  Any suggestions what this is - please let us know.

Below - another deep viewing port into the reactor.  What was the purpose of these supports?  Perhaps a camera mount???


Off to yet another laboratory building


We explore yet another strange laboratory building - again with so many square holes all throughout the walls.  They are not far enough in height from each other, so they could not be floor supports - so what were they?  Ideas anyone?


One of our Sharkhunters Members with a scientific background suggested possibly a primitive cooling tower?  With pipes running through these holes as a gigantic radiator to cool the water from the reactor?  We don't know, but it is a possibility.

inside and looking up at where the roof should have been.   inside and looking from one room into another.

And to yet one more building


This laboratory building was only one story high and from the


 layout of the inside was possibly a chemistry laboratory.


Massive amounts of electric power were required to operate this complex, so we go......... the power generating station

not much remains of this large building that housed
the diesel engines, generators and fuel tanks.
  what was once in this bunker?  We're guessing
a fuel tank - maybe???
what rested on these bunkers?  We're guessing the diesel engines.  

Above & below right - this is a real puzzle; the center structure is surrounded by that narrow gap, but that gap is filled with water - deep water.  We dropped heavy stones in the water and it read pretty deep.  What was this?


After the atomic laboratory facility here on the island was abandoned, about the same time that Juan Perůn was ousted from power, all the electric generating machinery was removed to nearby 'Stadt' and used to generate enough electricity to power the entire town.


Other questions pop up - how did they get the diesel fuel to the island?  We found no evidence of a pipeline from the mainland; we saw no evidence of a dock substantial enough to handle the heavy equipment used on the island or heavy enough to handle fuel deliveries; no evidence of a pipeline from any place near the water to the power station........we came away with more questions than answers.

apparently the bathroom in the power generating building.   our last view of this island as our boat pulls away
and heads for homebase.

Time for a break on the return trip
We stopped at a nice little brewery on the way back named.....of course - Berliner Brewery!


The day closes with our stop at a souvenir shop on the way back to our hotel and a well deserved rest.  We have walked today in the footsteps of history and have been places most do not know exist.  As our good friend Captain HANS-GEORG HESS (125-+-1987) once said, "Sharkhunters are the seekers of the truth".

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