SHARKHUNTERS International
2009 Argentine Expedition


Saturday will be a Critical Day
...............but first we relax.  An expedition does not really HAVE to be difficult.


We drove to a little town that was founded by Germans departing the collapsed Europe.  It is a LONG way in the bush.  Looks a lot like Bavaria, doesn't it?


.....and when you reach the end of town, it IS the end of town.
The Andes begin across the bridge.


Soon however, it is time to leave this quaint little town and head out to...............well, come along and you will see.

We begin our voyage to another highly secret place.  First stop - the "Expedition Fleet".  Okay, perhaps we use the terms a little loosely but you see the two boats (below) that we have chartered.


Our Chief Scout, "Patagonian Pathfinder" NAHUEL checks things out as we wait, looking over this beautiful scenery.

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  And now - we go onward to a very unique place!

At least this beach is sand and not rocks - so we relax as our second boat is being readied.

..............and we are underway to.................well, you will have to come along and see where we are going.

Who says that expeditions have to be difficult and unpleasant?

We arrive the Estate - but why is it important?  Read on


we walk perhaps 300 meters from the beach to the house.
one of the sleeping rooms - but who slept here?

Keep in mind - from the time this estate was built in the late 1930's until recently, it was only accessible by boat and any boat coming here had to pass either the watch tower or the bunker we have already visited.  Any approaching boat would be reported by radio to the people at the estate.  Why such tight security?


The main house - but there were several guest cottages, a kitchen building, power generating building and the steam heating furnace building in the woods nearby.  Look to the photos from the January 2008 expedition of HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) on this site for more details.


When you carefully read the passage in the book "Escape from the Bunker" by DON ANGEL ALCAZAR de VELASCO (158-1985) you will see that his description of the compound he visited in August 1952.  He wrote that he was in Antarctica but we are quite certain that he either made a mistake or more likely, this is an old 'spook' trick known as 'mis- information'.  Click on this book photo.

It was here that he delivered his report on two children he was watching in New Mexico.  The boy's name was 'Adolfo' and the girl was 'Stern'.  Who were these children?  We don't know, but we do know that DON ANGEL made his report and gave the files to Adolf Hitler in August 1952 and we believe that this took place right here.


Contrary to accepted and well crafted history, Hitler did not take his own life in the Führerbunker in Berlin.  we have dozens of files from the FBI and OSS that our government knew that he was living in Argentina.  Stalin and his staff as well as other Intel people also knew this.

Read the book.  It will open your eyes.


Some renovation is going on in the old boathouse.  Some of the rotten wood is removed - and the rat poop that covered the floor to a depth of perhaps 4 inches that we saw during our 2008 expedition is now gone.

No, no Chelsea - this place has a door; no need to
climb in through the windows........

well, MOST of the rat poop is gone.................


So.........................who owned this estate?  Who once lived here?

We'll give you a hint - when we landed and were walking across the great front lawn, the two Skippers were goose-stepping with their right arms raised stiffly in front of them, making a salute that is illegal in Germany.

Both the Skippers knew of the history of this place and one had lived here from shortly after the end of the war until 1955.  One of them grew up on this very estate!  His father was the groundskeeper here in the 1950's and so he knew who lived here.

We are getting ready to depart - as soon as we
locate the rest of Mark Hayes..........

We're betting no other expedition to any place
anywhere has such beautiful participants.

Our Sharkhunters Members know who lived here - and they have hard facts and details about a great deal of what transpired in this area with documents, photos etc.  It is all in the monthly KTB Magazine of Sharkhunters.  If you're not a Member, you're missing a lot.

We've shoved off and are on our way back to the marina but our boat ran over a floating piece of line that tangled in the propeller.  Mark Hayes and the Skipper tried to untangle the mess, but it was to no avail so we returned to the marine at slow speed using the small electric trolling motor that is normally used for slow fishing.

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our sister boat is running fine, with a clean prop. we say farewell to the estate....THAT estate!
But we will be back.

On the next day of this expedition, we almost lose COOPER - terminally!  Don't rejoice too quickly - note that word "almost".

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