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the Fascinating City of Rio di Janeiro

When the first Portuguese explorers reached this area in 1501 (maybe 1502) and sailed into massive Guanabara Bay (item 1 on this map), it was so immense that they assumed it was the bight of a river, and so the name 'River of January'.  As we now know, there is no river.

Before we get started on the expedition to Trinidade Island, we'll take a look at this beautiful city.

Coming from the airport (upper right on map) to the Navy Hotel (numb

er 4 on the map) one passes through many different neiborhoods



Once we are checked in to the Navy Hotel (item 4 on the map), we walk around the beautiful lagoon where we find a walking path, jogging path, bicycle path, driving education, skating, dog training, rowing and all manner of sports available to the average Carioca (resident of Rio).

Above - beautiful streets and sidewalks Below - driver education

Every couple hundred yards we find a little snack stand where we can get soft drinks - even coconut milk under giant banyan trees.

As we near the famous beaches, we are in some very upscale areas where we would find the top name hotels.

Across this boulevard are..... .....two famous beaches
Look to the left - Ipanima!  Item 6 on the map Look to the right - Leblon Beach  Item 5 on the map
Bet this girl never gets robbed - she chops the top off a coconut so we can drink the coconut milk......damned BIG machete! LeBlon Beach

                                      The Cariocas seem pretty pleased that the Olympics are coming there in 2016.

The lagoon is always there One of the riding clubs
Have no idea what this is...... The botanical gardens near the hotel

We end this phase with the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado overlooking the harbor.

Click this very tall Carioca to go on to the next phase - the beautiful Navy Club. 


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