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the Beautiful Navy Club

When I arrived in the city of Rio di Janeiro, I went to the Navy Hotel that the Brazil Navy had arranged for me, thanks to Captain Sergio Andrede Fernandes, and then to the fabulous Navy Club, also arranged by the Captain.

We see in these photos, the Navy Club is more than just an Officer's Club - it is a lot more.  The Brazil Navy is very good with their people.  As we see in the photo below left, I did not have far to travel to the Club - this photo was shot from my hotel window across the boulevard.  Once on the Club grounds, we see all the different buildings such as this one (below right), popular with the ladies - shopping!




This decorative fountain also plays music

One of several swimming pools in the Club

Just about any location on the Club grounds, the beautiful lagoon is immediately in sight and is used by the Club attendees in many ways.


Above left - the launching ramp for the rowing and sailing boats.  Above right - just another fantastic view from the Club.

There are many restaurants on the Club grounds - this was my favorite.  Below left is the entrance; below right is the upper terrace seen from one of the swimming pools.

In rainy weather, we eat inside (below) But in nice weather - out on the terrace!

I don't know what they eat here in Rio, but some of these Cariocas get to be mighty tall!  Actually, this was part of a week-end festival at the Club with this stilt-walker, clowns, kiosks selling a multitude of books and much more.

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