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the Navy of Brazil

A word is in order about the Navy of Brazil.  This is no 'banana boat' navy!  We were amazed at the number and diversity of ships just in the First District alone - there were many supply ships, support ships, floating drydocks, quite a number of very impressive frigates and patrol boats, several German built 209 Class submarines and an impressive aircraft carrier, the SAO PAULO off which they flew F-4 aircraft.  They even have a World War II American built destroyer escort, still in her WW II configuration with twin 40mm Oerlikon (Pom Pom) guns, many 20mm anti aircraft guns, torpedo tubes, hedgehog launcher and deck guns.  No, she is not part of the fleet - she is a museum ship.

This is an impressive and highly professional navy.

On the way out, we passed an inbound ship

Then we passed this oil drilling rig offshore around dusk



We assembled on the aft helo deck (both photos above)

We learned procedures of flight on the Bell Jet Ranger III (below)

The South Atlantic was really pleasant - almost flat seas with beautiful blue sky and sun for the three and a half days to the island.  Our ship was ALMIRANTE SABOIA (G-25), a brand new.....old ship.  She was the LST SIR BEDIVERE (L-3004) that was mothballed by the Royal Navy.  In 2009, the ship was given a total overhaul and refit and in June 2009, she was brought to life with the Navy of Brazil.

As we neared the island, the deck crews were making ready

 their landing equipment (above and below).

Below - all eyes were on the horizon, looking for the island  

We are soon offshore this mysterious island, ready to head to shore and begin the expedition and add a new piece to the picture puzzle of the activities of the Third Reich in South America.

With the chopper warming up and I'm in my "Martian Attack" gear, it is time to go ashore and begin this expedition!

Sharkhunters wishes to extend our deepest and most sincere thanks to the Navy of Brazil for their tremendous cooperation; thanks to:
*  The Brazilian Navy itself;
*  Captain Luiz Olympio Vianna Dias for making it all come together;
*  Captain Oscar Moreira da Silva Filho, Commanding Officer of ADMIRAL SABOIA who offered every courtesy
               to me while aboard;
*  the officers and crew of ADMIRAL SABOIA who made me feel like part of the crew, of the family;
*  and a special 'Obrigado!' to Captain Sergio Andrade Fernandes who attended to all the arrangements including
               affording his staff car to take me from place to place;
               arranging quarters in the Navy Hotel;
               arranging membership in the exclusive Navy Club;
               and just making sure that everything went smoothly;
*  the guide, the sergeant who could go anywhere, any time, any distance - he was a tough guy!

*  Another very special thanks goes to our S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO who has sent us so much information, photos
          technical information and background on the German use of this island in the war.

Now we go to the island!  CLICK HERE to join us on this very mysterious island.


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