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2010 Argentina - the Historic EDEN Hotel!     

The magnificent Eden Hotel was built in the middle 1890's by German hotel magnate Robert Balkhe and as seen in this photo right, was nestled, hidden in fact, deep in a valley surrounded by high mountains.  The luxury, the decor, the service was meant to pamper the guests.  The 100 or so rooms were filled with olde Europe, as the furniture, cutlery, serving sets etc. was all imported from Europe down to the Carrara marble used for the statuary and staircases.

One servant was assigned to every two guests so that every whim could be catered to.  Nothing was too much to ask.




Then   Now

The once magnificent approach to this beautiful hotel


has been allowed to lapse into disrepair, partly due to lack of money.


Naturally, we have to shoot with the lions in front.   . 


One tower reaches into the Argentine sky - what secrets does it hold?


In the photos above and below, the


sad state of this historic building is evident.


In the photo left, HARRY SCHMIDT (7354-2008) and HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) are headed into the main entrance.

Nothing was left to chance - the hotel had its own fleet of Model T Fords, a full service blacksmith shop, electrical generating plant, all laundry and ironing done on site and it even produced its own food from its farm fields and made sausage on site.  Hotel Eden was quite self-sufficient

The luxury lifestyle was the norm at the Eden - there was a swimming pool, horseback, golf, fine dining, dancing and so much more.

Fine dining in the grand dining room   Relaxing with golf at the hotel's links

Eventually the hotel was purchased by Walter and Ida Eichorn and they planned to turn this little part of Argentina into a German colony.  They were also strong supporters of Adolf Hitler and gave great sums of money to his election campaign in his early politics years.  There is a letter in the hotel from Hitler to the Eichorns, thanking them for all their generous donations.  We were allowed to look at the document, but not allowed to photograph or videotape it.



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Click on our emblem here to see all the benefits of Membership including a FREE photo that has been hand-signed by the veteran.  Almost 100 veterans, all Sharkhunters Members, hand-signed 100 each of their photos for us to give to new Members.  Most of these are not available anywhere else in the world.  Don't miss your opportunity - join now.


Prior to World War Two, Adolf Hitler's speeches were sent by radio over the ocean to the Hotel Eden where the large German community listened with great attention.

During the war, every German victory brought yet another reason for a party at the Eden.  It is said by the older people in La Falda that direct radio linkage from South America to Europe could only be had in La Falda.

We cannot say if that was the ONLY radio link between South America and Europe, but it certainly was the most impressive.

The hotel was taken by the Argentine Government in the closing moments of the War and later was returned to ownership of the Eichorns who eventually sold it.  The hotel was sold again and again but finally closed her doors for good in the 1960's.  The furnishings were either sold at auction or in great part, stolen by looters.  The government now operates the hotel and has asked anyone in possession of any of the looted items to please LOAN them back, so the hotel can be brought back to something resembling what she once was......highly unlikely.

Now let us continue with our Sharkhunters 2010 "Argentine Expedition" and our visit to the Eden Hotel and walk in history!


Even as we mount the grand staircase, we see that this hotel

  is nested in a deep valley - to hide it?  From what???  From whom???






The magnificent main room - note the heavy beam ceiling.





Sharkhunters mingle in the great room that once greeted...........


........who WAS here?  Let your imagination wander.

     We now begin our tour outside this once magnificent hotel and on the grounds.


Once pampered guests lounged in regal luxury...... sadly, all is falling into ruin.


The ravages of time, neglect, lack of finances along with


looting and indifference have taken a toll.

As we walk outside the Eden Hotel, we see...............


Once this garage was home to the fleet of Model "T" Fords for the


guests - today, only memories remain of those days.........

     More of the history of this haunting place..........


Hidden deep in a remote valley far from civilization some 450 miles to the northwest of Buenos Aires, it became known as a haven for people escaping the crumbling Reich in Europe even for years after the end of World War Two.  Prior to the war however, many well known people came to enjoy the posh lifestyle such as Albert Einstein who vacationed there in 1925. 

After the war & the fall of the Reich thousands were welcomed by Juan Peròn who not only sympathized with their cause but was not displeased with the incredible amounts of money and talent they brought with them including many of Germany's top scientists, aircraft designers and military leaders.

A giant German eagle once graced the roof of the hotel!

Like other hotels Sharkhunters has investigated, the Eden was a place where Germans of the war years gathered for various celebrations and just socializing after 1945.

The Eichhorn Family who owned the hotel were strong supporters of Hitler and sent him large amounts of money to help his election efforts in the early days of the Reich.  The FBI was convinced that Frau Eichhorn had made a place for Hitler to live there after the end of the war.  Did he really come here?  We believe that he and Eva did.

S.E.I.G. Agent SECOND SON found and spoke with an old woman who had worked at the hotel after the.  She told him that she is absolutely certain that she waited on Hitler and Eva during dinner several times in 1949.

If only the walls could talk.....................

We continue our walk around the property and visit the vast laundry facilities - this hotel was totally self-sufficient.


Walking from the hotel to the laundry - pretty sad.


The sheets and bedding was washed here.....


.....then dried by hanging over these heating units


and finally ironed on mangles like this; really modern for its time.



As we depart the laundry building, it is obvious this building will never


return to its former days of splendor.

Naturally, the laundry facility and indeed, the huge hotel complex required a lot of power to operate.


The power generation begins with some big motors...........


........some REALLY BIG motors!



.....then it goes through some power transmission devices


 and if you have problems, just read the directions.

We must keep in mind that everything we see here is much, much older than anyone on the "Expedition"; older by decades.

Gone are the glory days - nothing remains of that opulent time.........
     we go back to the hotel

The paint has faded   Is this where the German Eagle was fastened?
Whose room was this?   Who washed up at this sink?
Who shaved here?   And who bathed here?

        Let your mind take you back in time; let your imagination wander......

   We are now back on the balcony locking downward - wait'll you learn of the about segregation!


We are walking along the balcony


looking down on the courtyard


Talk about segregation!    


   below are the quarters for the single men!

Maybe there WAS a reason to keep them apart.....   After a while it was necessary to have chaperons in this area.
Our guide shows an old advertising brochure.   Time for an ice cream on the veranda.
Who sat on this veranda in decades past?
Let your imagination run free.


Look at this photo, let your mind work - can you imagine this place in the 1930's and 1940's?  The opulence, the majestic grandeur of the Eden Hotel......and let your mind wonder - who walked these grounds?  Who slept in these rooms?  Who ate in the dining room and danced in the grand ballroom in formal gowns - and uniforms???

If you don't feel a tingle; if your mind isn't wandering back some six or seven decades - then visit your doctor and check if you are alive.


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