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                      A new sign in front of an ageing but historic old lady.

SHARKHUNTERS International
2010 Argentina - A Modern Hotel for People Escaping the Reich.


Standing like a tireless sentinel looking over the vast Laguna Mar Chiquita, this once magnificent resort hotel is doomed.  She is in such a state of disrepair that there is no hope she will ever be even a shadow of her former self......but what a history she has, if only she could talk.


In mid-1944, it was obvious that the war was turning against Germany and this hotel complex was built late in that year.  It had modern conveniences that were cutting edge technology.  In addition to the elevators, the Hotel Viena also was air conditioned - and from the day the hotel opened, there was a plastic surgery clinic.

Over the years, the waters of the lagoon rose so high that the hotel was inundated with several feet of salty water - the high water stain marks are still to be seen on the buildings.  The complex was abandoned.

The waters of the lagoon have receded but the once magnificent hotel complex is a shambles and will be forever lost - with only memories and maybe a ghost or two remaining.



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The hotel is a couple kilometers out of town and paved roads????? Paved roads are somewhat unknown in this area - but when the hotel opened in late 1944, it was also very remote - deliberately so?

  As we approach the complex, we see the tall watchtower.....
Remember, this sleepy little town was about 500 miles to the
northwest of Buenos Aires, far removed from civilization.
Why was a six story tall watchtower needed at a resort?
If you look very closely, you can make out the sign that
once  proudly proclaimed this to be the Hotel Viena.

It is easy to see that not much more than memories remain; memories of the special people who were here - who they were is a mystery that Sharkhunters is beginning to reveal.  It is all in the monthly KTB Magazine of Sharkhunters sent electronically to Members, backed up by recently declassified files of the F.B.I., the OSS and other agencies..

Again we see the watch tower as the two Harrys
(Cooper and Schmidt) approach from the lagoon side.
  The watchtower is constructed in such a way that
it is primarily looking out over the lagoon....why?
There is that welcome sign again - you know, the one
that says "Sharkhunters Welcome here!"
  That is Cooper in the lower right shooting video of this once proud and
beautiful lady, now a sad and abandoned old dowager awaiting death.

The garage from both outside...


...and from inside


.......and always there is the lagoon.  When it rose in decades past, it not only destroyed the resort complex of the Viena Hotel but it also devastated the little town of Miramare.

The lagoon seems to be smiling, waiting to return, to finish destruction of this historically priceless relic of World War Two - and beyond.

CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW and we move inside the Viena Hotel.  Remember that sign (photo above) reminds us that Sharkhunters are welcome here.

      Lookouts on this tower can see for many miles in any direction.
         What were they looking for in the 1940's and 1950's?

CLICK ON THIS PHOTO and we move inside the hotel.

         No, there is no spelling error - this luxury resort complex for the Reich was spelled Viena with only one "n".

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