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2010 SHARKHUNTERS Patrol to the
'Southern Redoubt' of the Third Reich


Königsee - it means "King's Lake" and if you remember the old movie "History of the World" you will remember that line "It's good to be da king" and it sure was.  The beauty of this incredible Alpine lake is beyond description - so we brought you the photos.

The statue watches over us as we head away from the landing   This is a beautiful place!
That is the Skipper with the Flugelhorn   As plays a couple notes, the echo bounces back
The sound of the flugelhorn bounces back three times from the echo.   He puts away the horn and goes back to the controls

It would be easy to shoot hundreds of photos -


the scenery is indeed THAT breathtaking!



Our boat drops us off at the far end of the lake where many centuries ago, a shift in the landscape separated a small part of this lake from the main and it is now called Obersee.  We walk maybe one kilometer to the edge of Obersee.


This is the rock where Hitler liked to relax and have his photo taken.

    Obviously this is well known, as the Japanese tourist
 clambered out to have his photo taken here as well.

Not to be outdone by the Japanese tourist, our own Kris Mann makes his way to the same rock but this is old stuff to Kris - he was on this rock last year and he can do this with his eyes closed.....well, maybe.

After returning to our boat - and paying thirty cents to use the bathroom on the way - we cruise back to St. Bartholomé and go ashore.


The water in this lake is extremely clear.


We have found where they sell ice cream!


Post cards, souvenirs - and more ice cream!


All too soon we must make our way to the dock for the voyage back to our starting point and off this beautiful lake - but just for a little while, we lived like the king here on Königsee.

The easy stuff is now behind us - now we will see fantastic places of history, but we are going to work for it!

Click on this photo below to continue - and be sure to wear your heavy boots - this is no longer a 'walk in the park'.
It gets tough from here.

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