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2010 SHARKHUNTERS Patrol to the
'Southern Redoubt' of the Third Reich

Bunkers!  Tunnels!

We came to find bunkers and tunnels, many of which have not been seen in decades.  This means a lot of walking - up and down mountains, but it sure is beautiful and historic.  We are walking in the footsteps of history here - join us.

It is another beautiful day in the Bavarian Alps and we are on the terrace of the Hotel zum Türken.  It was on this very terrace where Hitler, Bormann, Göring, Himmler, Heydrich and other high ranking men of the Third Reich relaxed and had their refreshments.

We depart the parking lot of our host hotel, the Hotel zum Türken which is owned by our dear friend INGRID SCHARFENBERG (3308-A/LIFE-1993).  During the war, this hotel was the headquarters of Hitler's personal guard and the switchboard for the entire complex atop the mountain was here in the basement.  As we depart, we must pass the old guardpost.

This is how it looked in the war years   .....and here it is today.

We climb higher, higher....


........and even higher until -

We realize that we are only a few hundred meters from the hotel.   This is what it looks like halfway up the mountainside.
As we continue our climb we see evidence of Reich
construction like this concrete structure here.
  We don't have far to walk before we begin to see a lot.
Historic bunkers are popping up all over now.   Look closely - WAY down there; there is more!
Don't you wish you had been with us?   Save your vacation days - we will be back in 2011!  Join us.
This woodpile has been here a long time.  

Now we are getting somewhere!


We have found an opening, and the 'Tunnel King' checks over the entrance before sending Cooper in with the camera.  It looks pretty tight in the opening.

Look closely - there is water in the tunnel.  

JEFF is checking how deep is the water


These steel hangers are all through the tunnels; meant to hold pipes, wiring etc...they are made of HARD steel!

We learned a couple things here - that water is DAMN COLD; and those hangers are made of very hard steel.  We all cracked our heads at one time or another on one of these hangers when we forgot they were there in the darkness.


The water in this tunnel is extremely cold, not much above freezing.


We certainly are not going into that branch of the tunnel!


KRIS learned these hangers were made of hard steel.


We didn't realize how much water was in this tunnel until we looked
back towards the looks more like a lake in here.


The water is well above HARRY's boots........


.....JEFF's too; and it is COLD!

We are finished exploring this fascinating tunnel complex,
but there are more for us to find.


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