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2010 SHARKHUNTERS Patrol to the
'Southern Redoubt' of the Third Reich

'Mein Kampf!'

In this phase, we walk through lush, beautiful mountainside forests as we march toward the ruins of the 'Kampf Haus', the little cottage where Adolf Hitler finished writing his famous book 'Mein Kampf'.  As with this entire area, it is beautiful and historic and we see one example after another of Third Reich engineering still in operation today.  We are walking in the footsteps of history here - join us.

Old tank tracks on an old road?   Retaining wall to keep the mountain in place

Above and below.....


........left and right, underground drainage

The top of a one-man air raid shelter   A closer look indicates that nature is closing in
Remains of the 'Kampf Haus'   Almost any place in the entire area, the Kelsteinhaus
(Eagle's Nest) is plainly and clearly seen.

Above and below, left and right.......


......part of a reservoir system

Don't you wish you had been with us?   Save your vacation days - we will be back in 2011!  Join us.

This Third Reich engineered spillway prevents


the mountain from washing away


Next we are heading for a really fascinating section of the mountain where a great many ruins are to be found.

Those ruins wait for us just past this old turnstile.    Click this photo and join us.

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