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2010 SHARKHUNTERS Patrol to the
'Southern Redoubt' of the Third Reich


Not far from there Hitler's home stood is the quaint, picturesque little village of Buchenhöhe where was built to house a sanatorium for sufferers of a unique type of asthma.  In the early days of the Reich, when this area was becoming the Reichsicherheits area, very nice homes and small apartment buildings were built here for the construction workers who would build everything in the area.  Not slave laborers but highly skilled and well paid artisans.  But before we dash off to Buchenhöhe, many people have wondered why the road in front of Hitler's home (the Berghof) had a sort of bulge, making the road a bit wider in front of his house as we see in the photo below.  Any ideas?  Any guesses?



Photos above - Through his research, JEFF CARSON (7228-2007) has learned that the road was widened opposite the driveway out of the Berghof so that Hitler's big Mercedes could make the turn out of the driveway without having difficulties.

       Okay, now we head for nearby Buchenhöhe.

The town seen from the Holzkäfer   We see this church from the deck of the Holzkäfer

Now we head for another fascinating section in this area where many ruins are to be found just up from the town.

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What is this?  We should look closer.   Still can't figure it out.
As we said - just up from the town.  

Once a power transmission station.

Actually, this was near a parking lot in the little town.  

Naturally - we have to go inside.


These ruins were just up the mountain from the town


as we see here.  Look closely - town is just below.


There is much more to see in the area, not necessarily at Buchenhöhe but also nearby.  The photos speak for themselves.


While walking here, HARRY COOPER found a great pair of aviator war, of course.

As we see in the two photos below, this


bridge was built in 1941 and is in excellent condition today.


The Third Reich was very conservation conscious and as we see here, the spillway they built about 70 years ago is still functioning to prevent rushing water from eroding the hillside.


............we find more and more old tunnels and bunkers!  Join us.

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