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2010 SHARKHUNTERS Patrol to the
'Southern Redoubt' of the Third Reich

More Old Tunnels & Bunkers

This area is not only breathtakingly beautiful - it is shot through and through with tunnels, bunkers, historic old buildings and a tremendous amount of Third Reich history.  Put on your grubby clothes, your hiking boots and let's go!

Look very closely at each photo as there is something unique to see in each one.  Some are easily seen - others quite difficult.

Did you spot the wall in the background?    

Look closely.............


.there may be something just over that rise.

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In some of the following photos you will see what appear to be eerie 'orbs' that some would perceive to be supernatural.  They are not.  We are deep underground where the temperature is quite cool and thanks to the standing water in these places, the air is quite damp so our breath is turned into mini-fog.  We had to hold our breath before shooting a picture.  It didn't always work and we got the 'orbs' which is just our breath.

What can be ahead of us?   There just HAS to be something through this opening.........



Remember, we are deep underground here.   JEFF points to part of a large door hinge.


While it is not easy to see, the icy water (REALLY icy!!!) on the floor is over the tops of our boots.........and we are still deep underground.

Join us when we return in summer of 2011.  You'll love it.

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Our exploration was fantastic - JEFF was a great guide and we had the opportunity to see a great deal of Third Reich construction that is rarely seen be anyone any more - and with the ravages of time, one must wonder how much longer these sites will remain.


There was much climbing of mountains followed by


a lot of slipping down into underground construction.

THIS was the entrance we went through.   .....and again, we are in ice water halfway to our knees.
We are looking at this - whatever - through a foot of ice water   Ice water well above KRIS's boots.

JEFF finds another branch of the tunnel..........


....and naturally, we go in.


As we have said, this was not a walk in the park - it was a rugged 'Patrol' but the things our group saw and experienced defies description.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but being there to take those yourself in worth a thousand pictures.  Join us in 2011.

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