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2010 SHARKHUNTERS Patrol to the
'Southern Redoubt' of the Third Reich

More - Even MORE Old Tunnels & Bunkers

This area is not only breathtakingly beautiful - it is shot through and through with tunnels, bunkers, historic old buildings and a tremendous amount of Third Reich history.  Put on your grubby clothes, your hiking boots and let's go!


The entrance to this tunnel complex is easily seen from the windows of our host hotel, the Hotel zum Türken.  Like so many other tunnel entrances, this one is locked - for the safety of the public.............politicians think people believe this crap

Look very closely at each photo as there is something unique to see in each one.  Some are easily seen - others quite difficult.

The original guard gate at the Hotel zum Türken when it
served as headquarters for Hitler's personal guard troops.
  We are on the march again and naturally, UP the mountain!
Didn't the Reich build anything DOWN the mountain?
As we have said before - keep your eyes open.   There is always SOMETHING new to discover.
    We even see Speer's studio from high up the mountain.
What can be down here?   Hello!  Hello!  Is anyone home?


AHA!  This looks promising!   Take a few photos - then let's go in.

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In some of the following photos you will see what appear to be eerie 'orbs' that some would perceive to be supernatural.  They are not.  We are deep underground where the temperature is quite cool and thanks to the standing water in these places, the air is quite damp so our breath is turned into mini-fog.  We had to hold our breath before shooting a picture.  It didn't always work and we got the 'orbs' which is just our breath.

As usual, we enter like moles.   We go down to the interior.
Looking into the darkness - what can be ahead?  

It ill get better in here..........really it will.



    This tunnel is kinda' low in some places.

Now we can stand up with the high ceilings.......


.....and again, icy water halfway to our knees.

The hooks on the wall once held piping and wires.   They are made of REAL HARD steel!  We each cracked
our heads at least once while in this facility.

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Wherever you go, wherever you look.....


.....there are bunkers and tunnels everywhere!



Very near to our host hotel, the Hotel zum Türken, are the gigantic coal bunkers.  Coal to heat all the buildings in this complex was brought by truck along the roadway above then dumped into the coal bins from the top.  When coal was needed in the homes and buildings, trucks would come along the lower roadway, fill with coal and take to the respective homes and administrative buildings.

At the rear of the last bunker seen to the left in this photo, there is a door leading into another maze of tunnels.  Sorry to say, it has been welded shut and the tunnels are no longer accessible but there are other doors into this tunnel system - also welded shut.

    Yep - it is welded shut.
    We agree - it is REALLY welded shut!

As we have said many times - this was not a walk in the park - it was a rugged 'Patrol' but the things our group saw and experienced defies description.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but being there to take those yourself in worth a thousand pictures.  We were in bunkers and tunnels unseen and unknown to most of the rest of the world; we put fresh footprints where none had been for decades.

Join us in 2011 and add your footprints to history.

Here are a few more before we go on to the next fascinating location.


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