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2010 SHARKHUNTERS Patrol to the
'Southern Redoubt' of the Third Reich

A Very Special Restaurant
& a Golf Course that once was a farm

On our way to this special place, we pass a school nestled high in the Bavarian Alps.  During the war years, this was a school for Hitler Youth.


We are now at the very special restaurant.  In the early days of Hitler's rise to power, his mentor was Dietrich Eckhart.  We saw pictures of his beautiful home early in this Patrol Report and it is located a few hundred meters from this restaurant.

It was in this restaurant where Adolf Hitler met with Dietrich Eckhart where they would talk and plan Hitler's rise to power.


Nestled high in the Bavarian Alps, this little gasthaus could have fallen off a picture post card.  The food is superb, the service is great and the traditional music will put you decades back in time.


Let's move on to another historic place - the Gutshof.  All the food eaten by those within the Reichssicherheitsdienstzone was raised here on the Obersalzberg.  From the beef, the pork, the chickens to the milk, the honey, eggs and vegetables - it was all produced on the mountain.

Under Bormann's orders, this huge farm was built and at the end of the war, this area was within the control of the U.S. Army.  Since it was located in a beautiful mountain meadow, the place was transformed into a golf course in the summertime.  Naturally, when the winter snows fell on this area, surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the world - why not make it a ski resort?

This is how the barn looked in the war years.   Today, the entrance to the right goes into the golf pro shop.

If we turn to look behind where we are standing, we find


this interesting staircase - once we go over that pesky gate above.

At the bottom of those stairs is this arched doorway.   What is beyond the doorway and why is it gated?

We have gone over that gate (photo above) which was put there probably just to give us some exercise..........actually, it is meant to keep people off this beautiful path that leads around the farm.  Maybe people are not supposed to see this beautiful and practical farm built under orders from Martin Bormann?  We cannot think of any other reason this area is blocked off.  Jump the gate and walk with us on this section.

We go down the stairs onto what was once a clear pathway.   Another gate at the far end keeps people away.......most people.
By the far gate, we see the pathway being overgrown quickly.   It is the same looking back from where we came.

Looking at the devastation here and elsewhere in the area built by the


Reich, it seems to be IS!


We go back the way we came in


and back out through this beautiful arch.

These tracks once carried carts with cattle food and other things.   With the wall now blocked, the tracks go nowhere.
Once a magnificent barn, now the golf course pro shop.   Once a meadow, now the golf course.

We learn more of the history of this ramp at the Gutshof and surrounding area from tunnel expert JEFF CARSON.  He tells us:

"When the local population were looting the place before the Americans settled in, they found barrels of cider in the room under the ramp (photo above).  I presume they (Bormann's people) did not make it but purchased it from the locals." ........ "The Hochlenzer had apple trees, and almost opposite the Hotel Geiger, on the side of the road, is what looked like an apple press.

Although the pond was built as a reservoir in the 19th Century, it was used during the Third Reich period as a trout pond for Hitler and Bormann.  The ruin in the hillside used to be for storing fish food."

We hope you have enjoyed this trip back in time with Sharkhunters.  Join us for another next year.

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