SHARKHUNTERS International
2010 "Patrol" to the "Southern Redoubt"

Many thanks to Sharkhunters Member KRIS MANN (5709-C-2008) for these great photos he shot on our 2010 "Southern Redoubt Patrol" covering historic sites in and around Berchtesgaden, on the Obersalzberg and nearby.

"Eingang Verboten".....and Sharkhunters are there!   At the majestic Königsee and Übersee
Königsee and Übersee   Königsee and Übersee
Königsee and Übersee   Königsee and Übersee
Königsee and Übersee   Königsee and Übersee
Königsee and Übersee   Königsee and Übersee
Königsee and Übersee   Königsee and Übersee
Königsee and Übersee   Königsee and Übersee

In this series we see the beautiful Königsee with St. Bartholomé chapel, the silent electric tour boats and after hiking maybe one kilometer, we are at the Übersee that had at one time been the end of Königsee until there was a shift in the land and it rose abut 100 feet making a second lake.  Adolf Hitler especially loved the Übersee and there is a famous rock where he liked to have his photo taken.

Now we move on to some of the historic ruins of the Reich nearby.............


Here, Sharkhunters Member JEFF (Tunnel King) tells Sharkhunters


Founder and President HARRY COOPER about the "Kampfhaus"

It was here in the "Kampfhaus" where Hitler finished his book,


"MEIN KAMPF", hence the name of the house.


BELOW - We now explore the area around the Theater


hall, the ammunition bunker and other buildings.

    Giant stones that once supported the Theaterhall

Once upon a time, decades ago,


a beautiful theater hall stood on these supports


The view from this mountain peak, looking down into the valley far below, will take your breath away.  This is a magnificently beautiful area, and it is filled with the history of the Third Reich.  Join us in Germany.  You will be glad you did - and make sure to bring the camera!

Click on for details of upcoming "Patrols" to this and other places of history.

Now we move to another little town on another mountain for more history


Looking down at the little picturesque


village far below

What have we here?  A groundhog hole?   Let's go closer and see what is in here.
OOPS!  Looks like we found the "groundhog"   We look down on Speer's former home

.......never know what you will


find out here in the field.....

Now it is time to take the highway to Italy that Hitler planned during the days of the 3rd Reich.  There are other structures built by the 3rd Reich we see along the way.


The underpass was completed but not the roadway.  It would
 have gone from left to right over the top of this structure.


Tons of fill dirt would have been put where we are standing
 and the roadway would have been paved on top.  We are
 standing on what would have been the side of the road.

The builder's mark on a 3rd Reich built bridge.   A closer look at this mark.
A longer range look at the bridge.   Holzkäfer - a neat cafe with great food.
Exit door at Hitler's bomb shelter bunker.  He walked here.   Closer look at this door.  What history!

...........more history as we walk through the mountains........

This was a smoke generator for obscuring the
targets on the mountain during air attack.
  On the end of a building left over from the worker's camp.
Entry to an outpost sentry bomb shelter.   One or two men could ride out a bombing attack.
Climbing into the shelter.   KRIS is ready for the attack.
.....all buttoned up and waiting for the bombers....   Only a handful of these shelters remain.

Looking down from the mountain.....


.....what incredible beauty!

Okay, let's really look at this area - you just cannot take a bad photograph in this area!


We have said all along - it is impossible:
     *  to get a bad meal here;
     *  to get a bad beer here;
     *  to take a bad photo here.

Okay, let's get back to history..............


Otherwise known as the "Eagle's Nest"


We first enter this long tunnel


then into the elevator here


This has not changed since the Kehlsteinhaus was built in 1934


under orders of Martin Bormann for Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday.


This is the emblem at the door into the main room.  There are rooms inside that are now a restaurant - naturally, there is the obligatory gift shop, there is great dining on the terrace outside where we can literally can see the great castle in Salzburg, Austria!


.....on to Salzburg and the castle!

A tribute to those lost in the two World Wars   On our way up the mountain into the castle
A watchtower half a mile in the sky   Dropping coins into this rain spout is a tourist hobby

These courtyards are


half a mile in the sky.


This chapel is not far


from the wine press.


This castle is so massive it is like several smaller fortresses bound


into one; many individual and independently defensible bastions.

Each bastion can be closed off and defended.   One has to be here to sense the magnitude.

Let's take a moment and walk through this historic castle


One can spend hours in this massive castle exploring the history, visiting the gift shops or as we see in the photo above right, relaxing in one of the many cafes throughout the castle.

NOTE - Many Members have emailed us to say that these pictures taken by KRIS are super!  We agree - KRIS took some great shots but as he always tells is impossible to take a bad photo here.  But why merely look at the photos that KRIS and others shoot?  Come with us and shoot great memories of your own.


We stay in this beautiful three-centuries old hotel that was the HQ


for Hitler's guard - tunnels are in the cellar and we go there!

When returning from patrol, the guard detachment came in this way.   Hitler's home, the Berghof, was about 100 meters around the corner.
No matter where you are in the area, there is Eagle's Nest.   The Gebirgsjäger Kaserne

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