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2010 Sharkhunters
Summer Solstice

More and more guests are arriving and the festivities of Saturday begin.

More people arriving from many places   They arrive inside the compound.

After some introductions and speeches,


the group marches outside for the Flag Ceremony.


Conservative estimates place the number


of attendees well in excess of 100!


The command was given to hoist the flag,


and the 'new' Russian Flag snapped up the pole.

Speech by MANFRED   Lady Michél watches the ceremony
Listening intently to MANFRED's speech   It wasn't raining - don't know why the umbrella

Soon the Flag Ceremony finished and we returned into the main building.  Click on the photo below to see why.

     Looks like a mighty good reason to return to the main building, eh?
                                                            Click the photograph and follow us......but don't you really wish you were THERE?

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