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2010 Sharkhunters
Summer Solstice


It was not difficult to get us back inside the main building - look at the beautiful layout of food - and this is only the appetizer portion.  There were breaded pork schnitzels abounding, sausages of many kinds and so much more.  Naturally, there was plenty of beer and soft drinks.

  There was quite a bit of folk music before the main activities.

Then to the reason for being here - the celebration of the Summer Solstice.


The torchlight parade coming from the main building


.....more than 100 strong


On and on they march to the field.  The


line appears almost endless.

The speeches, and the ceremony begins   More than 100 were here for the evening events
The pyre is set alight   and it begins to burn with a fierce light
Let your imagination wander back many decades........    

Higher and higher, brighter and brighter.....


and so it is with the spirits of the people here.

It was a great evening - shouldn't you have been here?   Don't know what this is, but it's good.....


All too soon, our time of celebrating fellowship with old friends and meeting new friends alike comes to a close.  GRACE IKI OYAMA and her little dog wave a sad farewell as we depart.  None of us know when we will meet again.

We plan to again be on the Knüll for the Solstice in 2011 - will you?


Plan to be with us for next year - don't miss out again.

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