2011 SHARKHUNTERS Bunker Patrol in the Southern Redoubt - in Berchdesgaten

The cemetery is an interesting place to be sure.  Here is the grave of Dietrich Eckhart, more or less the founder of the Party; the NSDAP.  We also find the grave of Dr. Lammers.  He was responsible for all the normal workings on the Obersalzberg of items such as water supply, electric and so forth.


The village itself is another of those scenes that look like a picture post card.


These murals (above) tell a story


in these quaint little German villages.


This is the town fountain in Berchtesgaden where the soldiers would pose for photographs when they were about to ship out for battle.  The plaques on the wall (below) remember those who did not return.


It's good to be the king..........
          ............lines from a comedy movie in the 1980's


.....and it was good to be the king.  Here, the king had a small palace with a church so he didn't have to walk far from home to chapel.  We went in for a look - the history, the elegance - absolutely incredible.


Then on the street outside the Golden Bär we find this musician playing the zither.  There was old world charm everywhere.


RANDOLPH SIPLE (4684-1996) was one of our participants as was his wife Susie.  He emailed"
                          "Great trip and we loved each and every part of it."

A classic car race?  That's correct - the Edelweiß Hotel sponsored a classic car race and here are some of the cars.


Above - a 1955 Borgward racing car.  A WHAT?  Back in the 1960's I


owned a Borgward station wagon.  This would have been more fun!

A classic - a 1927 Bugatti   This racer looks fast from either end

Click on this link to actually see our time here, thanks to Angela Smith.

......a pleasant break


An accomplished and talented musician, RANDOLPH SIPLE (4684-1996) entertained us in the plush refreshment room of the 5 star Edelweiß Hotel.  These were refreshing breaks for us.

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