2011 SHARKHUNTERS Bunker Patrol in the Southern Redoubt - Historic Buildings!


Gutsof basically means a large farm, and that is what Martin Bormann created on the Obersalzburg.  All the food, dairy products, eggs, cheese and anything else for the tables of the leaders oft he Reich here was grown here.


The quality of construction of the barn is evident where huge shaped timbers hold everything in place - excellent engineering!

There was a locked gate and a sign that said 'Eingang Verboten' and we know what that means.  It means there is something in there that we have to see!

Susie Siple followed COOPER over the gate and down onto this now overgrown path with the retaining wall on one side and the stream on the other.  The area is being allowed to return to nature as the government does not want anything remaining of the Third Reich.

What did we find after we went along this path?  See below.


After seeing the door marked 'Explosiv' we decided not to knock on any doors or to turn handles in the place.


No longer a farm - the place was turned into a golf resort by the U.S. Army and after the Army gave everything back to the government, they kept it as a gold resort in the summertime and a ski resort in the winter.


Albert Speer
Armament Minister Fritz Todt visited Hitler at the Wolfsschanze on his return from the Russian Front.  In a highly agitated state, Todt loudly told Hitler that he hadmade too many mistakes and had lost the war in the east.  The next morning, Todt was returning to Berlin and Speer was going to accompany him in his JU 52 tri-motor.  Someone from Hitler's Staff told Speer that he was too tired to make the trip to Berlin that day and told him that they had sleeping quarters for him there at Wolfsschanze.  Speer remained at Wolfsschanze and Todt's plane took off for Berlin that afternoon.  As the plane climbed out at about 300 meters - it just blew up in mid air.  Doggone unlucky for Todt I'd say - and very lucky for Speer, who was then made Armament Minister in Todt's place.


Speer had a beautiful home and here it is today.  The view from his home was spectacular!

Hotel Geiger
The Geiger was Luftwaffe Headquarters for this area.  For whatever reason, it was abandoned a few decades ago and to no one's surprise, it is said that the government is letting it fall completely into ruin so they may bulldoze yet another reminder of the Reich.


As we walk up the overgrown main drive, the looming disaster of this once magnificent hotel is apparent.  Even if there was no history here, this hotel was a tantalizing and beautiful young woman at the height of her glory.  Now she is a sad and discarded old lady.  Her glory days are behind her; the dashing young fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe who danced and romanced their girlfriends here have all gone.......but maybe in the breezes we can hear their laughter.

Let's tour this aging lady with torn skirts, faded smile and weary heart.

Who checked in at this front desk?   Who danced beneath this exquisite ceiling?

Who walked down this darkened hallway and climbed these creaking


stairs?  Listen carefully - you can almost hear the voices.

Some of the room doors still have their original paint schemes.   Balconies were separated by sliding panels.
Signs of impending death of this once beautiful lady are
everywhere.  Soon she will begin to crumble.
  Nature is invading everywhere, taking back the land.
Encroaching vines are seen even to the second level.

In the swimming pool where once the fire-eyed young Jägers of the Luftwaffe once frolicked, there is trash and abandonment.

Listen closely and one can almost hear the moaning and sobbing of this once beautiful hotel as she awaits her doom.  It is a sad sound indeed.

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