2011 SHARKHUNTERS Bunker Patrol in the Southern Redoubt - Historic Dining.

During this "Patrol" we ate in some really fascinating and historic places.  Join us - don't bother counting calories; the food was great so who cares........


Inside the Holzkäfer is the Grampus.  He pops up every so
often and...well, we don't really know what he does but
we know we don't want to meet him in a dark alley.
  A holzkäfer is an insect that eats wood, much like a termite.
Why this name was selected is anyone's guess, but the
place is spotless and the food is great.
  As we see here, everyone is enjoying the food and the fellowship.


This is a local brewery that has been in operation more than
100 years before there was a United States of America!
  Who ate here some 70 or so years ago?
Give your imagination some freedom.
More scenes in the courtyard where we ate.   Who else ate here, saw these images 70 years past?

Above - waiting in great anticipation for


our scrumptious meal.


Below - WOW!  Our schweinehaxe arrived.


Each portion was more than a meal itself.


Right - did we mention that 'Recon' RANDOLPH likes a little meal with his butter?

Below - One of the townspeople in the Hofbrauhaus.  He is the caretaker of the cemetery we visited earlier.  We are not sure if he has recovered as yet, but he sure looked happy in the photo below right.




It has been said that the Hochlenzer was one of Hitler's favorite places and we can see why.  He would walk to this place from his Berghof, about five kilometers, for the view and the food.  There are photos on the back walls of Adolf Hitler dining here as you see below.

the BEST food:
Our group determined that the food at Hochlenzer was the best we had the entire 'Patrol' - it was superb!  Just look at the Jägersnitzel enjoyed by HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983)......all that rich sauce with onions, spices and mushrooms smothering a pork cutlet - incredible!



Angela Smith had this to say about this 'Patrol';
"Craig and I have enjoyed every minute of our time on this summer 2011 Sharkhunters International trip."


Vorderbrand is important for four reasons;
    First - the food is excellent
    Second - the view is breathtaking
    Third - the folkloric evenings are great
    Fourth - this is where Adolf Hitler learned from Dietrich Eckhart

Eckhart had a large home a few hundred meters from this restaurant which is now under the control of the U. S. Army, used for R & R (rest and recreation).

Using his U. S. Coast Guard (Aux) identification, a couple years ago, COOPER tried to gain access to look it over and take some photographs.  Sorry, the guard said - Coast Guard I.D. means nothing to the Army.  So much for interservice cooperation.....

Below left - the actual room where they would meet, have a beer and dinner, and to plan strategy in the very early days.


The food here, the service and atmosphere


was absolutely outstanding!


Everything is great - the food, the service and the scenery, but here is the top of the evening - the entertainment!  It changes from time to time, but there's always a Bavarian music group in Vorderbrand to entertain us with traditional Bavarian music.

We stayed well after dinner was finished just to listen to them.

Click on this link from Angela Smith and you can join in the fun.

We talked about the scenery.  This is what we saw as we
left Vorderbrand.  The village is far below in the valley.
  Some of the guys wanted to keep Angela.

As we have said many times - it is impossible to get a bad beer, a bad meal or a bad photograph here.



For our last evening on this 'Patrol' RANDOLPH and Susie bought a lot of locally produced sausage, cheese, bread, butter and wine for an impromptu 'Farewell Dinner' on the terrace of the Hotel zum Türken.  We have always said that Sharkhunters is a big family, and it was a great evening, thanks to the Siples............many thanks!

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