2011 SHARKHUNTERS Bunker Patrol in the Southern Redoubt - "Eagle's Nest"!

This was called the 'Kehlsteinhaus' meaning the house built on Kehlstein Mountain.  It was built in just 13 months from inception to completion in time for Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday on 20 April 1939.  Contrary to the generally published 'history', this was not built with slave laborer at all.  To build something of such magnitude and such precision, one would have the best stone cutters, masons, carpenters etc. available.  These were recruited with good pay, housing for the duration of the project, food etc.

We ride a specially geared bus for the long climb up Kehlstein Mountain.  Jump aboard and ride with us.

Once we reach the parking lot high above - everything, we go
down this long tunnel to the elevator.  This is the very same
tunnel that was opened in 1939!  Who walked through this tunnel?
Let your imagination run free.

At the end of the tunnel we come to the elevator door and we wait patiently for the magnificent brass-lined elevator that has been in service here since 1939.  Who rode this elevator?


The only difference from today to 1939 - back then, there were


benches to sit on for the ascent.  Today we must stand.


When the elevator brings us into the clouds, we go into the building itself and the first historic item to catch the eye is the magnificent fireplace (photo above) made of Italian marble - a present from 'Il Duce'....Benito Mussolini.  It is unchanged from the day it was installed.


First order of business - we are hungry and take our places in the main room, which is now the dining room catered by Hofbrauhaus Berchtesgaden.

With tummies full of great German food (and ice cream) we head outside to enjoy what this historic place has to offer.  Won't you join us?



The quaint little villages look so small below us - almost like doll houses or part of a model railroad.  The air is crisp and clear up here and in one direction, we can see the castle in Salzburg across the border in Austria.

The view, the scenery, the history - it takes your breath away.


CRAIG SMITH (7208-2007) had this to say about his time on this 'Patrol';
"We had a great time together in Deutschland.  Thanks for making a very memorable trip on many levels."

There is a memorial further up the path, higher up on the mountain.  The air is thin, but come with us as we take the walk.


There is where we are going.....can you see the cross just at the bottom of the mists?  It is only a short distance and well worth the walk into the clouds.  Let's go.


Along the way (above and below) we pass the foundations of the AA


guns on the mountain under command of SS FRANK

    SS Standartenführer BERNHARD FRANK (3225-1993)
This beautiful memorial was well worth the walk   Eagle's Nest seen from the Memorial

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