2011 SHARKHUNTERS Bunker Patrol in the Southern Redoubt - Königsee

Königsee - it means the King's Lake, and it sure was good to be the king.  Let's visit this beautiful pristine area.  At the first area, we wend our way through souvenir shops where goodies of all kind are sold.

Angela Smith is taking a photo of me taking a photo of her.   RANDOLPH and Susie Siple - ready for the trip.
Crossing the beautiful Königsee
Come on - you can't be seasick
on this millpond.  Actually, this is
the trumpet player getting ready.

The boat stops and one of the crew blows a trumpet.  We hear three echoes bounce back off the mountains.  Until recently, they fired a gun and got seven echoes - but the government now says that guns are evil or something that, and so they play a trumpet instead.

Crossing the Königsee, beautiful scenery is everywhere.   At the far end of the Königsee, the water is shallow and crystal clear
We leave the boat here and begin our hike to Obersee   Angela Smith contemplates the beauty of the place

We now begin our walk of about one kilometer from the Königsee to Obersee through beautiful scenery every step of the way.


One last view of Königsee........


.....and the trek begins


Shouldn't we be singing "Hi Ho, It's off to work we go" or


something like that?


Susan Siple pauses to watch the water rushing from Obersee to


Königsee.  A lot of water is moving very fast here.

We have seen photos of Adolf Hitler posing by a large rock in the Obersee but back then, the water level was much lower and he didn't have to get his feet wet.  Now, thanks to the increased snow melt, the water is about two feet deeper than some seventy years ago.

Yep - much deeper as this boathouse indicates   Beautiful, crystal clear waters

The famous rock


is a bit more difficult to reach


At the far side of the Obersee is a little snack bar that serves buttermilk.  As the rest of the gang marched along the narrow track around the lake to get their buttermilk, HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) found a more 'restful' way to enjoy the scenery.

No, he is not dead (some would be saddened by this news) just sleeping or as he puts it, 'Looking at the inside of his eyelids and checking for light leaks'.  However it is called, it was restful.

An hour or so later, the group returned and RANDOLPH SIPLE (4684-1996) holds the record for being the oldest Sharkhunters Member to make this trek around Obersee to the buttermilk cafe.  Reviews of the buttermilk however, were mixed.

Once the group was together again, we hiked back to the boarding dock at the upper tip of Königsee for the voyage back.


On the march back to Königsee however, is this little cafe where they serve ice cream.  We had to stop here; all that resting makes a mighty appetite - at least that's what COOPER says.


Weren't we told during the war that the Germans were all Godless Nazis?  Little chapels like this are (and were) all over the countryside in Austria and Germany.  Propaganda is an interesting art, isn't it?


During our return voyage, we stopped at St. Bartholomä where the


king had his own church!  Like we said - 'It's good to be the king!'




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