2011 SHARKHUNTERS Bunker Patrol in the Southern Redoubt - Fantastic Scenery in Salzburg!

Being the birthplace and home of Mozart, music is everywhere in the city square.


There is the rapture of the harp and the.......what the heck?  There are signs everywhere stating that there are no kangaroos in Austria, meaning one should not mix Austria up with Australia.  Someone forgot to tell this old digger that he was in the wrong country on the wrong side of the globe and in the wrong hemisphere.  With his digeree and drum he entertained people all through the city center.  What would Amadeus have said?

Everything takes place in and around the city center and the quaint little streets wind through centuries old buildings that still feature little sidewalk cafes and excellent food.


Salzburg sure is beautiful but now, buckle up and get ready - we are going along the Roßfeld Straße.  Remember, we are some 1,600 meters in the air - that is a mile high, just like Denver.  The air is crisp and clear; you'll see.


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