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Southern Patrol - 2013!

Jetlag is getting overcome and we go into high gear in Nürnberg as our good friend Oberstleutnant MICHAEL KAISER (6166-2000) takes us on a tour of his city - and into places absolutely not allowed for anyone else.

MICHAEL (on the right) arrives to begin our tour.   First stop is the former home of the newspaper "der Sturmer"

The scene depicted on the walls of the building is an oak tree symbolizing German strength while two little gnomes peek around the tree at the base.  The German knight is about the sever the three heads of the Hydra which, we are told, represented the Jews of Germany.


At the front of the building, we see the sign of the new Nürnberg newspaper covering the place where the huge eagle and Swastika once stood over the balcony.


Julius Streicher was an interesting man.  He served in World War I in the Bavarian Army, reaching the rank of Leutnant and receiving the Iron Cross.

His newspaper was very anti-semitic and he was a high ranked Party member until he crossed too many of the hierarchy and they wanted him dead.  He was still a friend of Hitler's so he was just banished from the city.

When the war ended, he was sought as a war criminal but he fled into the Alps and made a living painting scenic works of the Alps......most of his buyers were American soldiers who did not know who he was.  One day a Jeep pulled up to watch him paint and one of the Americans said that he bore a striking resemblance to Julius Streicher.  Rather than laugh and claim that he hears that a lot, he began to sweat, get red in the face and made all sorts of denials.  This made the men in the Jeep suspicious and they took him back to town where he was positively identified as Streicher.  He was taken to the Nürnberg Tribunals, found guilty and hanged in 1946.

One might wonder why Streicher didn't try to escape the area entirely rather than remain and hope to be able to look unimportant.  Hiding in plain sight is a good plan - when it works.  The risk is too great that if it does not work precisely as hoped for, there is no escape.  Streicher is a great example of that old adage that "a hunter may make a thousand mistakes, but when the hunted makes but one mistake, the hunt is over".  Okay, on to more of Nürnberg.


We are on the march to other places of interest, but here Dr. CHARLES ELLIS (7324-C/LIFE-2008) on the left and U-Boat veteran HANS SPYKER (759-1988) on the right stop to chat with Willie Brandt, former Chancellor of Germany.  Willie looks a little tired here so we only took a few photos then let him get back to sleep.........and we walk onward.


On our march, we pass the guest house


for important 3rd Reich visitors in Nürnberg


Next is the palatial Grand Hotel where several


famous movies were filmed.

Our next stop is a short view of the old city wall and one of the guarded gates.  Citizens of ancient Nürnberg were serious about protecting their city from invasion as we see here.

MICHAEL unlocks the door and we go inside   MICHAEL holds the map of the ancient city wall

Photo left - the city looks like a doll house from up here.

Photo below left - this is not an ancient torture device; it is the ancient winch system used to haul cannons to the top level of this 13th century tower.

Photo below right - perhaps this is a modern torture device.  Dr. CHARLES ELLIS (7324-C/LIFE-2008) occupies a rather unusual seat in the luggage compartment of one of the vans.  Why?  Don't ask.........


Our next stop was at a very nice restaurant...........nice but unusual as the patrons in addition to the owners, were of the "peace and love" culture.  The food was excellent, even though we were surrounded by pillows embroidered with "Love" and the peace symbol.  As we see here, Dr. ELLIS and TROY STROTHER (7255-2007) were discussing possible payment of the bill.

"What can we do with the bill?"   "Give it to him!"

We have a short stop to look at the outside of the Palace of Justice where the Nürnberg Tribunals were held.  Previously, we always visited inside Room 600, the room where the tribunals took place but no more.  It has been turned into a museum of sorts and while we certainly do not object to paying the small fee to enter, we do not want to be subjected with another dose of that tired old propaganda about.............well, you can figure it out.

These four large windows are at Room 600   The jail was immediately behind the compound for better
security and ease of commuting for lawyers, judges etc.
The main entrance   They took security seriously

We are on the march to visit a very unique museum.....housed in a tower bomb shelter.  This tower was built during the war years to give air raid shelter to people in Nürnberg as the bombs were falling.  It has very thick walls and bombs could not directly hit the greatly slanted roof.

  After the war, the place was used to rehabilitate "ladies of the night" and so this tower was off limits to Allied personnel.  That sign, although fading, is still clearly seen at the entrance.  Let's go inside.

    The German eagle stands guard at the entrance.

These depict the bitter trench warfare


of the First World War

Wouldn't it just scare the hell out of an enemy soldier when he got a vision of this coming at him?  Actually, this is RICH delFAVRO (1495-LIFE-1990) wearing a bullet proof vest of the time.  It was probably effective, but it was really heavy.

Many thanks to RICH also, as he drove our luggage van on this trip.  On returning to his home, he emailed this;
     "Thanks for the good Patrol and
       glad I could come along."



HANS SPYKER (759-1988) is reliving his youth in the museum, as he wore such a uniform when he was a sailor in the U-Bootwaffe.  He doesn't have much in the way of wartime memories, but he smiled when he told us of the train ride from training to his front base.  Seems there was a group of young Blitzen Mädel (women radio operators) on the train and somehow they came into the compartment with HANS and his fellow U-Bootfahrer.  We will leave the rest of this story to your  imagination.  HANS was lucky - the war ended before his new Type XXI boat went to sea, thus he lived through the war.

There is an incredible amount of fantastic militaria in this museum from all periods of warfare that affected Nürnberg.  We donated a WW II US Navy jumper uniform as MICHAEL tells us that he needs more American items from the war.

The Golden Star
This day is drawing to a close (hard to believe all this was in just one day) and we have one more treat in store for us.  We enjoy dinner this evening in a restaurant that was in operation and serving food some 70 years before Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World!  They serve only one thing - the special Nürnberger sausages.  They are about the size of your little finger, very tasty but also very rich and so one cannot eat too many of them.  They are also served with delicious German potato salad.  We have a standing offer to any Sharkhunters Members...........if they can top the record for number of sausages eaten in one sitting, Sharkhunters will pay for their dinner.  Big STEVE RIHA (2936-1993) set the record for Sharkhunters some years ago at 42 sausages - then he added a huge ice cream sundae!  Did anyone top Big STEVE's record on this trip?  Let's go along and see.

Note that this restaurant began in the year 1419!   It has looked like this for centuries
The entry hall hasn't changed much in centuries either.   These little guys will fill you up and fast.

MICHAEL's lady joins us for dinner this evening.

No worries Big STEVE - nobody even tried to attack your record.

This has been an exciting and very eventful day and, thanks to our friend MICHAEL, we have seen a great deal.....but there is much, much more in store for us tomorrow.  Get some sleep - tomorrow will be even more interesting; tomorrow is the day of "Eingang Verboten!" and it is going to be great.

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