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Southern Patrol - 2013!

As we might expect, this will be a long and busy day; we took perhaps 200 photos this day along but will certainly not post that many.  Join us as we first visit the massive underground air raid shelter bunker complex beneath the city.  This is off limits to all.........well, all except Sharkhunters.  The underground complex was used to shield thousands of civilians from the bombing raids - some 6,000 in the smaller of the bunkers.  After the war ended, the entire complex was converted into sort of an apartment complex with sections in which to live, with bathrooms, shower rooms etc and all for people to just merely survive after the war until suitable housing could be built.  Last year was our final visit into this hidden place, off limits to most, because it was going to be filled in with sand.  The idea apparently looked good.........on paper, until engineers told the city officials that this plan was totally unworkable so rather than filling it in, they merely cut off electrical service and any other kind of service and left the place in the dark and abandoned - except for special visitors.

Beneath the poster there is an inconspicuous keyhole
that opens the door to let us into the bomb shelters.

As we look back up these entry stairs we try to let our minds wander back 70 years and try to imagine thousands of terrified people trying to get down below as the bombers approached.

If the lights went out, these phosphorescent
bands provided enough light by which to see.
  Paperwork left behind........

Abandoned machinery


is everywhere.


Bands of phosphorescent


are still everywhere.


MICHAEL recreated the sound and impact of bombs falling above and to the thousands of frightened people packed inside, the experience must have been terrifying.

Our next stop was again EINGANG VERBOTEN which we know means Sharkhunters are welcome.  Join us as we travel INSIDE the stadium at Zeppelnfeld and the fabled 'Golden Room' where Adolf Hitler held receptions before going out his special door to speak to the crowd.

From this (above) in 1936 to this (right) in 2013
Thought we were kidding?   U-Bootfahrer HANS SPYKER (759-1988)
stands on the podium of yesteryear

It is amazing that this magnificent room looks so good after seven decades, but it is fading and it will require €70,000,000 just to keep it in its present condition.

That is about $90,000,000 Yankee Dollars.  Where will it come from?

Photo far right shows the intricate detail of the golden mosaic.

.....wonder what is up here....   OOPS!  Where have they gone?

They did not disappear into a time warp -


they are in Hitler's offices, now just storage rooms.


There are several of these massive bronze doors in the stadium, but the uppermost was used only by Adolf Hitler.  No one else could go through those doors and now, no one at all can go through them as they are welded shut.  Obviously, this is not Hitler's door.


Not far from the Zeppelnfeld Party Rally grounds we find the massive Congreßhalle. Built in a similar fashion to the Coliseum in Rome, but the Coliseum could fit inside this building several times over!  It is a huge structure and was meant to house Party and government officials.

When finished, it should look like this   It was never completed


When the war was about finished and the U.S. Army came to take over Nürnberg, they found that the Congreßhalle had been converted into a makeshift hospital for wounded soldiers.  It was discovered that 17 of these soldiers, wounded in battle, were men of the Waffen SS - and the U.S. Army pulled them out of their beds, into this courtyard - and shot them dead.


Now we go outside to


the finished facade of the building.


This was to be Adolf Hitler's personal entrance.

to the right - it is easy to see just how massive this structure is.


Vehicles would come up this drive..........


..even trucks could drive around the building


We pass the headquarters & barracks of the 1st SS;


the famed Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler


Once home to one of the world's best and most professional fighting forces; it is now the headquarters for immigration - helping asylum seekers.


We have driven to the other side of Zeppelnfeld


where we find more sites of history


The Luftwaffe Memorial was saved only because it had been placed here prior to World War II as a Memorial to the Luftwaffe men lost in the First World War.  The World War
Two portions were added later or it would not be here today.
It is against the law in Germany to erect any memorials to the troops of World War Two.

  The place where the "Death Ceremony" was held.

"Hitler's Train Station"............
We have done a lot, seen a lot this morning and have walked in the footsteps of history.  Now it is time for lunch and we always eat in "Hitler's Train Station" as it is called.  This is the train station where Hitler stopped when appearing and speaking at Zeppelnfeld as it is right behind the huge stadium.  The decor inside lets your mind wander back some 70 decades as we wait for our train.  Join us for lunch - in history!

Who walked through this door in 1936?   Who sat at this bar back then?

Who walked down this hall back then


and past these pictures?

Whose suitcases are in the rack waiting for the next train?   Shouldn't yours be there too?

You may join us for our "Southern


Patrol" in September of 2014.

"It's good to be the king"
That is a line from a famous movie and apparently it really was good back then.  We toured the Castle of Nürnberg which as MICHAEL tells us, really is three castles together and only one of these castles was for the king.  There was no furniture and no food there in the day, so when the king was going to be in the castle, the townspeople had to loan furniture to the castle for the king - not all were happy about this, but they had little choice.  They also had to supply the food for the castle.


Nürnberg castle is magnificent - Nürnberg itself is a beautiful city and filled with history.  Many thanks to our good friend MICHAEL KAISER (6166-LIFE-2000) for everything he has done for us.  His efforts are deeply appreciated!

This has been a busy and very eventful day, so we quickly return to the hotel for a good meal then to sleep.

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