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SHARKHUNTERS International
Southern Patrol - 2013!

Where Eagles Dare!
That is a famous movie and we drove right past the castle that was used in the film.  Ride along with us through the breathtakingly beautiful Bavarian and Austrian Alps as we drive south into Austria.


We told you that the scenery was magnificent.  It has been said, and accurately so, that you cannot get a bad beer or a bad meal here.  It has also been said that you cannot take a bad photograph here either and that certainly is true.

You are not in these pictures - but you may join us in 2014 when Sharkhunters returns to this area; to this beautiful scenery and to the friendly people here - don't forget the great food and beer.


Our Home in Austria
After an easy four hour drive along the Autobahn through this fantastic scenery, we arrive at our home in Austria, the Hotel Gretl.  At our first breakfast, we had to make the first award of the trip - a Verwundedabzeichen for RICH delFAVRO (1495-LIFE-1990).  Those bread knives are really sharp.......


This is our home in Austria.  It is family run by Michael and Martina, and they have made us part of their family.  In this hotel they naturally have clean and comfortable rooms, they also have a sauna, a steam bath and.............very sharp bread knives.

Below left is our breakfast room and the breakfast is great.  The soft boiled egg is popular in Europe as you see below.


It is now time to board our cruise ship for a three hour


tour of the picturesque lake Wörthersee.


While waiting for the ship, we introduced HANS SPYKER (759-1988) to some of the WW II veterans we have known for years here in Austria.  He soon had tears in his eyes.


Now it is time to sit back, order a beer or a


snack and enjoy the view.

HANS took this suggestion literally!  Look at
his banana split in the shape of a boat!
  Peacefully relaxing on the upper deck

Heading back to the dock................


.....and here we are.

Evening with the Veterans
This is the first of our fellowship evenings with the many veterans in attendance.


To Help identify those at just this table:

A - ROSS KELBAUGH (7677-2013)
B -
C - Diane (SPYKER's daughter)
D - HANS SPYKER (759-1988) U-Boat veteran
E - ERNST PREUGEL (7683-2013) Aussie Coast Guard
F - PAUL RÖSCH (7019-LIFE-2005)  5th SS Viking Div.
             Oberleutnant, Tank Commander.  The 'Energizer
' is patterned after him!
G - JEFF CARSON (7228-2007) the Tunnel King
H - TONY BOWLEY (7726-2013) (not Martin Bormann)
J - TROY STROTHER (7255-2007)
K - Hazel Thorn
L - MANFRED THORN (7588-2011)  1st SS  LAH


We did not get photos of those at other tables for one reason or another.  We were here with the veterans for many hours but it eventually was time for bed as tomorrow will be a very busy day too.  Get some sleep and join us in history tomorrow.

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