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Expedition in the Land of the Gaucho

The BIGGEST Day of this expedition takes us to the hidden and secret complex where thousands had to go to receive their new identities, assignments, jobs etc.  Hang on - this is powerful.

To reach what remains of this compound, now long abandoned, one must first know exactly know where to look for the entrance.  While zooming along a modern four-lane divided highway, there is a momentary slit in the trees to the right.  If you do not know it is there, you will never see it.  We knew where it was and were on the lookout but we still flew past it, had to turn around and return, driving much more slowly............... and here is what we saw!

We cut in and pass the empty building that once
housed the first of many checkpoints.
  Look closely down the dirt road on the left - WAY down
the road and you will the entrance to the tunnel.
If you came here "back then",
this is what you would see.
  Today it looks like this, taken January 2014
The security concerns were quite clear.
We drive a VERY long way down this really bad
dirt road, about two miles, and we come to.....

We begin to see buildings through the trees, right past the sign that says "Sharkhunters Welcome!"  Actually, it says "No Pasar" which is the same as "Eingang Verboten", right? We know that means that means "Sharkhunters Welcome!"


Above left and right, are the "Banůs Caldera" which means


bathrooms with hot water...........maybe


Above - another look at the bathrooms past our "limousine"

Left - Surprisingly, the water still works!

Below left - We did not try out the showers.....

Below - COOPER at the washing sink.


This is what remains of the barracks
We climb the stairs to the barracks   There are two sets of three-high bunks in each room

Above left and right - the walkway along the outside corridor of the barracks

Right - one of the group bathrooms in the barracks


We said this would open your eyes - and we are just getting started.


Above left - appears to be the mess hall

Above - When they had an Asado (cook-out), this oven was used.

Left - meals taken outside in the fresh air.


Above and below left and right - not sure of the function


of these buildings in the HQ area


We are told that the men drilled on the "grinder" just to the right of these stone tables, and that they trained in jungle warfare as well as marksmanship and weaponry in the woods to the right; during AND after the end of the war.


The photos below would most likely be the HQ building and the Orderly Room.


Along this veranda.....


.....and through these doors


The place could use some serious maintenance, paint and cleaning but structurally it is sound and could be rebuilt.

The Commandant had to keep warm??

We have seen the training and command facilities (all above) but what about physical training?  Let's not forget the spiritual aspect either.  Only a very short walk from the compound we find the grotto.


Both above - the entrance to the grotto, a shrine to the Holy Mother, down a short flight of stairs

Right - a look inside

Okay - now we walk another 50 or so feet and come to.....


The swimming pool.  This is two or three times bigger than the standard Olympic swimming pool.

Now we head down the path past the swimming pool to the river which we are told, is a couple hundred meters away.


We walk along the path to the right of the pool, past the rusted remains of the diving platform into the woods.

On the path we pass this stone bench.  Who sat on it?  What stories could it tell?  Let your imagination work.


Just past the bench we find this little structure (left) and beneath it (above) is a sluiceway from the river to bring water flowing rather quickly and forcefully, into a channel beneath the building.....


.....where it would turn a small turbine attached to a generator that produced electricity for the entire compound....back in the day.  This entire compound was totally self-sufficient making its own electricity, growing its own food and even today, it is out in the country and difficult to find.  In the 1930's and 1940's and being about 400 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, it gives new meaning to "remote" and "hidden".

Everyone was safe here.

We promised that we would reveal the identity of this man at the left in this photo, taken in the late 1940's (1949 we believe).  This was at an Asado (picnic) at a location known as "El Chorito" behind the Eden Hotel.  He was guest of Walter and Ida Eichhorn, making him instantly acceptable as part of the group.

We note many things about him.
    *  He is dressed in a different style than the others;
    *  His hat is at his familiar jaunty rake - this should trigger your thoughts;
    *  The Hitler Youth dagger in his belt with which he was cutting his meat.

..........and finally, look closely at his face.  You should recognize him.

   The world knew him better as "The Man in the Glass Booth" in Israel.

       This was Adolf Eichmann!



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