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There is absolutely no doubt that Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun (Hitler), Martin Bormann, Dr. Josef Mengele and thousands of others lived out their lives in comfort and safety in Argentina.

In the previous pages on this topic we have seen great evidence that the Third Reich did not perish in early May 1945 - it merely moved, mostly to South America and primarily to Argentina.

Enjoy the photos below - they give one an insight into just some of what you will read in this book.  It will open your eyes, even if you already knew this fact and if you did not know about this exodus, you will see that your 5th grade history book that tells of Hitler and Eva committing suicide in the Führerbunker is a work of fiction.



Adolf Eichmann and Dr. Josef Mengele frequently met here for lunch.


They sure love their Evita here.  Her likeness is on three sides of this building - built by the former head of the Croatian arm of the 3rd Reich.



The oil tailor who made Eichmann's suits.  Francisco told us that his children played with the two sons of Eichmann when they were kids.  The younger of the Eichmann boys said that they lived for a time in the Vatican and that they met the Pope several times.


The corner (photo left) where Eichmann got off the bus after his usual three-hour long ride home from his job in the Mercedes Benz factory.  Mossad agents were hiding along the railroad embankment and when Eichmann stepped off the bus, the kidnapped him removed him out of Argentina to Israel where he became the "Man in the Glass Booth".



After his father was kidnapped, the older Eichmann son was a bit defiant and raised the Flag of the 3rd Reich over their tiny home.


In addition to raising the Flag of the 3rd Reich, the older son wore this armband to protest the kidnapping of his father by the Mossad.  Both sons of Eichmann still live today in Buenos Aires but they changed their names to remain living in peace.


Above and below - not München and not Madison


Square Garden - this is Luna Park in Buenos Aires!

The Malbranc house where Dr. Josef Mengele lived until he bought three houses in Buenos Aires.   Mengele (with mustache) and Malbranc and
Malbranc's ten-year old daughter.

Above and below - one of the special friends of Juan and Evita Peron was Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel, the greatest pilot ever.  Rudel, together with great pilots like Werner Baumbach and ADOLF GALLAND (2854-1993), helped Peron rebuild his Air Force.


Another good friend of the Perons was Croatian strongman Ante Pavelic who urged his followers to keep fighting even after Germany had surrendered.

He came to Argentina and worked as a bricklayer but through a friend, he was introduced to Juan Peron and suddenly he owned a large construction company and built many of the skyscrapers in Buenos Aires today.

Left - as a bricklayer
Right - with his family

One day as he got off the bus near his home, Pavelic was ambushed by a man of the Yugoslavian secret police and shot twice in the back - a cowardly act.  He was in the hospital in Buenos Aires when Peron was overthrown and the new government agreed to extradite him to Europe to stand trial for war crimes.  He escaped from the hospital and from South America and made it to Spain where he check into the German Hospital in Madrid.  He died in the hospital about two years after being shot in the back.


Above and right - the opulent Plaza Hotel where Martin Bormann lived openly after the war - in Room 740, the Presidential Suite it was confirmed.


We now say "Adios!" to beautiful, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and go about 400 miles northwest of the city and into Cordoba Province.  We must remember that in the 1930's and even up to the 1950's and maybe into the 1960's, this was very remote........a great place for men to live out their lives in peace.  This place served many purposes:
  *  Rest and relaxation before the war;
  *  Recuperation for some during the war;
  *  Military training after the war;
  *  and this was the place for new identities and maybe plastic surgery.

Thanks to our associate Martìn and his research, we visited "the compound".  Even today, this is still very difficult to find.  One must know where to look and even then it is not easy.  We drove along a modern four-lane highway, keeping a close watch for the slit in the trees..........and even we missed it and had to back track.


We turn onto the narrow one-lane road past the abandoned former security checkpoint and go.....


.....about half a mile and enter this tunnel, which was a further security choke-point.

Photo right - If you came here in the late 1940's or early 1940's, this is the security that you would encounter.  As we see, it is impossible to enter this compound unless authorized.

We continue our drive another mile or more through dense forest and suddenly the abandoned buildings of the old compound appear from the trees.

Banos Caldera - the latrines and showers and as
we see here both below - the water still works!

They ate outside and drilled on the 'grinder' to the right.  Training in weapons and infantry took place in the woods.


Above - the huge swimming pool with cabanas for changing.

Right - the power generator was in this building.

We were told they were all "Godless Nazis" but here is the


beautiful grotto to the Holy Mother.  Godless??


When it was time to cook outside, they enjoyed their Asado here.  That is meat cooked over an open fire.

  Barracks building above
Communal bathroom below

The HQ Building and Orderly Room
Entry to the Orderly Room and the Commandant's Office   Have to keep warm in the cold Argentine winters


We know already that Adolf Hitler visited the Eichhorn Family on several occasions and there are many photos of the Eden Hotel, owned by the Eichhorn Family, if you look to our Argentine Expedition of 2010 so we won't repeat those photos here.  We will however, add this photo of the Annex of the hotel.

This is a guest house about 200 meters from the main hotel and very secluded.  According to Catalina Gomara, Hitler stayed in this Annex when he was here in 1949.  We stayed in this same beautiful place in January 2014 and we will again when we return in January 2015.


Now we post some really unusual photos............they ask more questions than they answer.


This unusual photo was shot in the late 1940's at a place called "El Chorito", a picnic area behind the Hotel Eden.  Note the man at the far left with his hands at his belt and hat at a jaunty angle.

Note especially the dagger in his belt by his right hand.  He was using this dagger to cut the meat at the Asado.

Look closely - that dagger is a Hitler Youth dress dagger and the man with the hat at a raking angle, as he always wore it, is Adolf Eichmann.

There were definitely some strange aircraft in the Argentine Air Force in the late 1940's and throughout the 1950's, but we think there are some of the most unusual we have seen in any air force.  For instance, we know that Professor Kurt Tank, the man who designed the FW 190 fighter, came to Argentina with some 50 of Germany's top aeronautical engineers, but what are there????????


Who doesn't know of the famous Horton Flying Wing bomber?  They designed flying wings for Peron's Air Force too.

Here we see prototype cargo and passenger flying wings designed by Horton.  Amazing what we find when we really look.


And now for the final riddle...................


1.  Who is this beautiful lady with her arm raised in a familiar salute?

2.  When was this?

3.  What was the occasion?

4.  And why?

The answers are:
1.  Isabelita Peron, the third wife of Juan Peron and President of Argentina;
2.  Believe it or not - this was July 1974!
3.  On the occasion of the funeral of Juan Peron.
4.  We can only guess....................

One last item............Juan Peron has no hands.  In the late 1980's someone broke into the tomb of Juan Peron and cut off his hands!  The reason is unclear, but a strong theory is that his fingerprints were needed to access some of his immense fortune in hidden bank accounts - money he received from his friends of the 3rd Reich; especially from Martin Bormann.  It is all spelled out in our book "Hitler in Argentina".  Check it out - click on the photo below.

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