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2015 "Southern Patrol"
Our 2015 "Southern Patrol" was a a time to meet with old friends and met new friends alike, and all the while learning true and honest history.  Join us in our photos as we continue to walk in the footsteps of history.

When we arrived in Ingolstadt, just outside Nürnberg, there was a fair in progress with lots of great items for sale.


Since there is a fair we have to buy souvenirs, look at everything and naturally eat and have a beer........or two.


Over the River.........
        ................and into the altstadt (the old city)


This, like so many old German cities, just oozes charm and one can easily lose themselves in the ambience.

There is an old fortress and this one has been turned into the Bavarian Army Museum.  It is here the remaining treasures of our friend ERICH TOPP, Member #118, were brought for safe keeping after his house was broken into and priceless relics were stolen including the Honors Dagger presented to him by Großadmiral Erich Raeder as well as the presentation document for the Crossed Swords to his Knights Cross with the Oak Leaf.  These items have never surfaced since they were stolen from ERICH some 15 or more years ago.

This fortress has beautiful formal gardens that we stroll through.


   The formal gardens are magnificent.

..........ah, the food!  We never tire of the great German food.

Wienerschnitzel with potato salad   A vegetarian did that get on this page?

Naturally, where there is food there is beer - especially in Germany.

LISA HECKMAN, Member #7922
sees the camera watching her.
  Look at that wink.......
LISA has that beer on the run.
She is getting ready to attack that beer!   Wait one more minute and then PROST!
  AHA!  Down the hatch with that beer.

While we all cheered LISA on to victory over that beer, I was doing my best to keep my blood sugar just short of critical mass.  WOW!  They have great ice cream in Europe.

If you had been with us, you could have attacked and defeated a beer yourself, or just relaxed with a massive ice cream sundae.  This one is called 'Heise Liebe' which means 'Hot Love' and it consists of three scoops of vanilla ice cream covered with hot raspberries with a mountain of whipped cream on the top and of course - a cherry.  This beats the hell out of a beer!


Churches are everywhere.

Onward to the historic places in Nürnberg..............


Before we depart our hotel, we have to have a good breakfast and take a look at this breakfast buffet!  Our Sharkhunters "Patrols" always remember that an army marches on its stomach and if the tummy is happy, everything will go smoothly.  Is your mouth watering yet?

Let's go - it is time to walk back in history.


GREG emailed us when he returned to his home and said:
"Let me tell you, I had the greatest time on the tour.  We saw history that has been locked in a time warp, opened for our eyes.  It was fantastic and if I'm really good for the next year, I might just be back for the next one.  You have some really nice people in Sharkhunters and I met a few of them!"


LISA HECKMAN, Member #7922 wrote this:
       "I immensely enjoyed the tour and appreciate all that I learned."


This is the door all the way at the top of the tribunal at Zeppelnfeld and only Adolf Hitler was allowed to use this door.  He would come out through this door after being 'fashionably late' when the crowd was in a frenzy to see him.  It is not possible for anyone to go through these doors now, as they have been welded shut.

Here we see GREG LUTTON, Member #7848 (g'day mate), LISA HECKMAN, Member #7922 and CHRIS REITCI, Member #7687 and his wife Jenny.

Now it is time to go down to the podium where the speeches were made.


Let me say a big VIELEN DANK! (Many thanks) to our good friend HOLGER WEINBERGER, Member #7589 for being our guide in this beautiful city.  He usually assists our friend MICHAEL KAISER, Member #6166 but MICHAEL is now an Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel) in the army and he had military duty this day.  HOLGER did a great job for us - Danke HOLGER.

It is time for Mittagessen - lunch; and we go to what is called "Hitler's Train Station".  This is the actual train station where Hitler would get off the train when he was to make a speech at Zeppelnfeld.  It was behind the stadium and far out of sight of the massive crowds waiting for his speeches.  We have our lunch here every time we are in Nürnberg and it is great that they keep the place looking as it did some eighty years ago.  It truly IS a trip through the tunnels of time.....and the food is really great as well.


There are many murals on the walls as we see above, depicting the very old history of Nürnberg.

In many of the former waiting rooms, we see the old shelves with old suitcases and if your imagination has any power at all, you can hear the thunder of the old steam locomotives rushing past, smell the smoke from the engine and hear the clatter of the wheels.....all this is now gone into history.

On our way to the next historic place, we pass this monument -


This is the Luftwaffe Memorial and you will note that it has the appearance of a crashed plane with the wings on the ground and the tail high in the air.  Luftwaffe Memorial you ask?  How is it that such a Memorial exists in today's Germany?  Note at the lower left of the Memorial in the photo right; it covers the years 1914 to 1918 (World War One) and on the lower right it covers 1939 to 1945 (World War Two).  This Memorial was here before WW II began as a Memorial to the WW I fliers and so was allowed to remain.


The Congressehalle is next on our list and it has quite a history.  It is built in more a circular shape like the Amphitheater in Rome, but the Amphitheater could easily fit INSIDE the Congressehalle.  This was going to be a massive office complex for Third Reich Party functionairres with a massive glass dome over the courtyard where we are standing.  Note the school groups on an apparent field trip learning how evil were their grandparents.........this is a common occurrence.  We are pretty certain that the teachers never mention that this place was used as a field hospital toward the end of the war and when the US Army took control of the Congressehalle at the German surrender, they found 17 wounded soldiers of the Waffen SS in the hospital.  They were unceremoniously taken into this courtyard and shot.  We doubt that the teachers even know this.

If you look closely at the photo in the center panel of this display, you can see what the Congressehalle would look like when finished.    


There is talk that the Congressehalle will be completed in the next years to be used as offices, but there does not appear to be any progress as yet.


We jokingly decided that this fellow was a spy because he was dressed in black from head to foot with a black overcoat and hat - the typical impression of a comic book spy.  Who knows - he was probably a violin teacher from the local symphony......


This fancy entrance was the entrance only for Adolf Hitler.  We guess that he did not like standing in line with the crowds......

This place is massive and the craftsmanship is magnificent, as one would expect from Germany.

.....on the where the 'Death Ceremony' was conducted.


At the Party Rallies, there was the long ceremonial walk by Hitler flanked by two top Party men through the hundreds of thousands troops to this structure where the ceremony was held.

And now it is time for snacks...............more ice cream!


The weather was fantastic, as we note in the photos above
and we sat outside to enjoy our 'Heise Liebe'.  Well, I did.


If this church to the right looks familiar, it certainly should.  In the incredible film "Triumph of the Will" produced by LENI RIEFENSTAHL, Member #3157, we see this church as the marchers and motorcade come through this plaza.  It was called Adolf Hitler Platz back then but the name has been changed several times in the past 70 or 80 years.


For our lunch HOLGER took us to a great micro-brewery named Krokodil (crocodile).  The food and ambience were great, but we didn't have the heart to tell them that their mascot hanging in the main room is an alligator, not a crocodile.


HOLGER gave us a tour of a 13th Century watch tower that now contains a museum.  We climbed level after level until we were at the top and we could look over the city.  The chill wind whipped through the open places and we needed to button up our jackets as we looked over the ancient city laid out below us.


If you look closely in the far distance we see the castle of Nürnberg.  This was actually three castles together.  At the left is the castle of the Kaiser then the castle of the Burggraf and also that of Nürnberg.  The tall tower at the right of the castle was so that the people in that section of the castle could look down on the ones in the other castle.  Okay, they didn't have cable TV back then - they had to do something.....


In this view, we can see the ancient city wall and there is another building of some interest.  You will note the red building in the center of the photo - that is one of the local 'Happy Houses' where lonely men - with money - can go for companionship or whatever it's called.


It is evening now and MICHAEL is off duty and so gives us a tour of the very special room in the Rathaus - City Hall.  In the left photo we see how horribly devastated this building was during the war, but it is now rebuilt and is magnificent.  This is not just some meeting room in some city hall; these is incredible history here.  Treaties were signed here; dinners were held here between warring factions to seal peace.  We are not referring to the 20th Century - we refer to wars hundreds of years ago that were concluded with peace talks in this very room - and Sharkhunters are here, thanks to MICHAEL and HOLGER.

As we wrap up our visit to this extremely historic ancient city, we have our goodbye a Spanish restaurant in the altstadt of Ingolstadt.

We must sleep well because tomorrow we drive all the way south through Bavaria into Österreich - Austria.  The old name means 'Eastern Kingdom'.

We must pass through the same mountain passes that faced Julius Caesar; caused hardships for Hannibal with his elephants as they came to fight the Romans in the Punic Wars.......this area is jam-packed with thousands of years of history and we pass castles along the way as well.  Keep the camera ready!


Now we head for Alps and on into Austria and our meetings with the veterans.  CLICK HERE to join us in Austria.

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