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SHARKHUNTERS International
2016 Europe Expedition

Sharkhunters President
HARRY  COOPER 1-LIFE-1983 spent much of June on expedition in Germany, Poland and Monte Carlo.  Follow along here and learn.

During part of that time in Europe COOPER was with S.E.I.G. Agent FELDWEBEL SCHULTZ and his beautiful niece Fraülein Marzali.  We learned many things, as you will see in the photos and descriptions that follow.


    The Third Boat

Even the most novice student of U-Boat history is aware that two U-Boats surrendered well after the German capitulation which was 5 - 8 May 1945.  These were........

* U-530 under OTTO WERMUTH, Member #1344 that surrendered at the Argentine Navy Base at Mar del Plata in July 1945;

* U-977 under Heinz Schäffer that surrendered the same place on 17 August 1945.

U-530 was a Type IX-C and did have the range to reach Mar del Plata but U-977 was a Type VII-C that did not have the range even if she had departed her homeport with full tanks but according to Schäffer, he departed his homeport with a 75% fuel load, went to his patrol area off England and when the surrender order was given, he returned to his homeport to disembark the married men and then left for Argentina without taking on any additional impossible voyage - and there was a LOT more to this voyage.

Thanks to information obtained by FELDWEBEL SCHULTZ, we now know there was a third U-Boat in southern waters after the war least one, maybe more.  We are working to identify this third boat.  Could this be the missing boat?  This is an unidentified U-Boat cruising off the coast of Antarctica.


  Hitler and the Secret Alliance

This book tells all about the fabled '66 days underwater' of U-977 and much more about both U-530 and U-977 that are not known.

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It was middle afternoon when this meeting took place and to be out of everyone's way, they selected a totally empty breakfast room.  Since it was 2pm, the room was absolutely and totally empty.  They sat in the very midst of this empty room and after they had been there perhaps five minutes, COOPER noticed a young blond seated right behind him - back to back with him and not two feet this big, empty breakfast room of perhaps 150 seats, she chose to sit directly behind COOPER.  As a spy, if indeed she was a spy, she was not very good at it but remembering a time in Austria in middle 2015 when two Austrian secret agents tailed him for a week, COOPER suggested they move to the other end of the breakfast room to be really alone, which they did.

    What Is This?

presented this Google Earth photo of what appears to be a man-made opening into the earth on the Antarctic continent with a metal dome that appears to be in an open position.

He showed us another Google Earth image of this same area but there were what appeared to be artificial computer generated clouds over this area, obscuring this opening and cover as well as the surrounding area.

When we went to the Google Earth coordinates shown here, we got a message that Google could not get us there.  Are they hiding something?

FELDWEBEL SCHULTZ tried to determine if this facility was built by Soviet Russia or America.  His conclusion is that this was Russian built and that at some point in the 1960's there was a nuclear accident and the workers rushed out for their safety, leaving the dome open as they fled.

He believes that the Russians returned at some point in the 1990's to retrieve something - who knows what?


On the left is a sketch of the cold water reactor and its position in the area, hand-drawn by Fraülein Marzali, the niece of FELDWEBEL SCHULTZ.

On the right is an outline of the reactor, also drawn by Fraülein Marzali, showing the position of the reactor inside the tunnel complex and showing the area by an important landmark - the pyramid rock.


Photo on the left shows the tunnel in relation to the entrance.

On the right is an old map of Antarctica, clearly showing the German claimed section known as "Neu Schwabenland" (new Swabia) which we have colored yellow so it may be more easily identified.

     Directly below is this area, enlarged for your convenience.




Left is a copy of a page from an old German book indicating how the Third Reich marked the boundaries of Neu Schwabenland with these markers, called "spears".  These were dropped every kilometer from the Dornier 'WAL' (Whale) flying boats.  Fraülein Marzali has drawn in what they looked like close up.

On the right, she has drawn in various important places in Neu Schwabenland.

Below - a Dornier 'WAL' Flying Boat


Not to be confused with the Schermacher Oasis, the Bunger Oasis is fairly large and made up of reddish sand with areas of green, growing trees and plants.

As we see in the sketch to the left, this Oasis was used during the 1990's by American astronauts training for the anticipated landing on the red planet - Mars.

In the sketch to the left, Fraülein Marzali has indicated the position of a small East German facility.  With the collapse of the Soviet Union, this facility was abandoned in the early 1990's ad today sits empty - we think.


Dr. Richert, head of the Antarctic/Neu Schwabenland expedition 1938/1939 had plans to return on a second expedition in 1940 and this time, would also carry small planes with skis to bring personnel further inland for more exploration.  Despite some of the stories posted on various Internet sites, this plan was not implemented due to the outbreak of World War Two.

S.E.I.G. Agent PETER PARKER added that there were plans to build U-Boat facilities (bunkers???) in Feuerland (southern tip of South America) but only one was built.  S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO gave us photos of that facility some years ago and we posted them at that time.  We have taken the precaution of blotting out the lat./long. position of the facility.

According to PETER PARKER the Third Reich also set up small resupply stations on various sub-Antarctic islands during the war.

At one point in the war, the Reich attempted to recruit Argentine soldiers to fight on the Eastern Front.  As we saw in previous issues of our KTB Magazine, it appears they were making just such preparations.  They were NOT German troops, they were Argentine troops in German uniforms working with German equipment.


At this point, conversation shifted to Argentina and the gigantic JU 390-V2


The JU 390 aircraft, with her six engines, great fuel capacity, huge cargo capacity and great range was sometimes called 'the Truck'.  There are a great many stories on the Internet about this plane and a few are correct.  We must remember that the Internet costs nothing and worth exactly what you pay for it.

Did one of these planes actually fly over New York City in the war as we see in this artist painting?




According to some Internet sources, only one was built but according to others - maybe it was two, no maybe three - some even as many as eleven were constructed.

As previously stated, the Internet is rather flawed in that anyone can post anything and sadly, people believe what they see.

In fact, there were three (more or less) of these aircraft produced.  They were designated V1, V2 and V3.  These designations had nothing to do with the "V" weapons; it was just a way to number them.  Our data on the JU 390 aircraft comes to us from S.E.I.G.. Agent PIZZARRO.

JU 390-V3 was never completed and was destroyed at the end of the war;

JU 390-V1 is the plane that allegedly flew to within 20 miles of New York - but in fact, no such flight ever happened.  She was in Berlin when the war ended and taken over by the Allies;

JU 390-V2 is the one that etched her place in history.  The propellers were removed from JU 390-V1 and installed on JU 390-V2.  V2 was three meters longer than V1 which gave her a substantially larger fuel capacity and therefore much longer range.



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