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SHARKHUNTERS International
2017 "Southern Patrol"

Sharkhunters 2017 Southern Patrol!
Saturday 23 Sept through Sunday 7 Oct – 15 DAYS

It has been said – and it is absolutely true – that you cannot get a bad meal; you cannot get a bad beer and you cannot take a bad photograph in Bavaria or Austria.  We return to this magnificently beautiful part of olde Europe to meet again with old friends, to meet new friends – to visit favorite historic sites and to visit new ones and all with a friendly group in Sharkhunters.  Join us – you will have memories forever.

München – it means “Place of the Monks” and it is very old.

We enjoy a sightseeing program of the historic buildings as we have in the past:

Temple   Feldherrenhalle   Hofbräuhaus

We pass historic buildings constructed in the time of the 3rd Reich; we walk alongside the famed Feldherrenhalle to the very spot where the marchers confronted the Bavarian police on 9 November 1923 in the historic “Beer Hall Putsch”; we enjoy lunch in the beautiful old Hofbräuhaus where Hitler and his followers had many a meeting and he gave many a rousing speech.  We will be at all these places as well as Oktoberfest.

Inside   the Parade   Sharkhunters enjoying

NEW THIS PATROL – An underground section of München we have never visited as it is off limits to all….but a friend in the area is making it happen for Sharkhunters.

– We visit the Messerschmitt Foundation and see all the planes built by Messerschmitt over the ages.  The same friend is making it happen.

Nürnbergwhere it all began.

We walk in the footsteps of history in this city that is older than München.  It was chosen for the site of the many Party Meetings for several reasons, but probably the biggest reason is that all rail lines ran into Nürnberg, making it easy for hundreds of thousands to come to this beautiful ancient Franconian city for the event.  We enjoy:

Zeppelnfeld   the Golden Room   the Castle

Zeppelnfeld Stadium where Hitler and others made speeches to hundreds of thousands;
The Golden Room inside the stadium where Hitler held receptions;
The Nürnberg Castle is actually three castles.

Death Ceremony   Congressehalle   Hitler’s Train Station

Death Ceremony and the Blut Fanne (Blood Flag) ceremonies were held here;
Congressehalle was to be the massive office complex for the 3rd Reich;

Hitler’s Train Station” was at one time, an operating railway station behind the stadium and when there was a Party Rally, Hitler would get off the train here, walk into the back of the stadium and enjoy a reception in the Golden Room.  It is no longer an operating train station but rather a very nice restaurant and we enjoy lunch here as trains still rumble past today – and if we let our minds wander back eight decades, maybe these trains still thunder past in our minds.








We visit two incredible private museums as we see above - but Sharkhunters Members are always welcome here.

We enjoy a dinner one evening in a restaurant that opened for business more than seven decades BEFORE Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World!  We also stop in that antique shop that sells very interesting pieces of history…..and we tour the old city of Nürnberg AND the castle. It’s good to be the king!


Naturally we cannot post all our photos here.  These are just to give you an idea but to see ALL the photos of all the ‘Patrols’ log onto and click TOURS.

On our drive to southern Austria, to Kärnten Province, we drive through the breathtaking Bavarian and Austrian Alps.  These are the same mountains crossed by the armies of Rome and so many other armies throughout history.


Sightseeing cruise on a beautiful lake (above), an afternoon with the Austrian Navy League and a fellowship evening with hundreds of World War Two veterans.


The high point of this ‘Patrol’ is the Memorial at Ulrichsberg where the old veterans remember ALL who fell in battle regardless of their uniform or flag – all who fell.  When the ceremonies are concluded, we all depart for a great lunch.


The View is Incredible!


Mussolini's Fireplace the Main Room

Kehlsteinhaus (above) – better known as the Eagle’s Nest, and we are here.


Ruins of the Reich – only a few dozen meters into the forest, but still there.


We will visit more underground factories and naturally, we see the ‘Flying Bulls’.

Naturally there is a lot more – check then TOURS to get a good idea what we do, and we see, where we go and who we meet.  High points include:

*  Meetings with the veterans               * Lunch in the Hofbräuhaus               * Cruise on Wörthersee
*  Fellowship evening w/vets                * Ulrichsberg Memorial                       * Eagle’s Nest
*  Into many bunker complexes           * Tour the Famous buildings in München (Munich)
*  Tour famous places in Nürnberg  …….and so much more

Your low Sharkhunters Patrol price of only $3,898 includes all the above plus all hotels (double occupancy), all in-country transportation, all breakfasts, entry to all places mentioned, all meetings with the veterans, boat tours etc.
     *  Add $700 if you wish a single room.

  *  Sharkhunters Members DEDUCT $100 from this cost!
  *  DEDUCT another $100 if you have been on a previous Sharkhunters Patrol.

$500 per person will reserve your place on our 2017 Southern Patrol.  email or call us at 352-637-2917 to reserve your place on this Patrol.  Participation IS limited.


To get a really solid feel what it is really like to be on a Sharkhunters Patrol, click on this beautiful photo by KEVIN NIEBUHR, Member #7136 and come along with us, thanks to this short clip produced by SID AUST, Member #5438.


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