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SHARKHUNTERS International
2016 "Southern Patrol"
the Castle;
     the 14th Century Tower;
          the Air Raid Tower;
............and a very Special Shop

We begin our tour of the beautiful Nürnberg Castle........which is actually three castles.  One is for the area Count, one is for the Burggraf - more or less the caretaker of the castle and lands, and the third is for the Emperor.  Let's go in for a visit.


In the photo above, we are welcomed to the "Witch's House" ,kind of a frightening way to begin our tour of the castle for those who are superstitious.  We cross the drawbridge and enter the castle.

The section seen in the photo to the right has been converted into a very modern hostel and our group might be housed here during our 2017 "Southern Patrol".

Photo below - we are now inside the castle grounds.

This appears to be a very nice sun porch.......  

....but this is the view of the 'sun porch' as seen by an attacking army.  This is where the archers took position and fired down on the attackers.


These five photos (above, left and below) of the garden are special because this is the first time we have ever visited this part of the castle grounds.

This area is all enclosed in the castle grounds and it is quite high up above the city below.


After a great morning touring the castle, it is time for a snack.  We get our snacks in a five hundred year old sentry post then relax in the sunshine to enjoy the food, the weather, the history and especially the fellowship.


This drink, Afri-Cola, has been in Germany for many years but it is apparently becoming more and more popular.

It is a good cola drink and if you look closely at the design of their trademark..........maybe the shape of the palm tree is familiar?


Although you probably can't read this little card that was given out at the snack bar, in German it says:

"Every day I have my mind washed clean by the media."

Something to be said for that...........

..........and now off to City Hall with MICHAEL


Photo left is the entrance to this magnificent ancient building.

Photo below left is a very special room where treaties have been signed in ancient times, conventions have been held for centuries and many other very important functions have been achieved.

Photo below - MICHAEL points to a photograph in this room that shows how it looked after a 1944 bombing raid.  He is pointing at the two sculptures in the wall that remain today, but now they are scorched and blacked from the fire.


In the courtyard, bullet holes in the walls attest to the ravages of war.


In the very highest point of the city hall we look out over the city of Nürnberg at the Nürnberg Castle on the next hill.


"Nazis?  No Thanks!"

This is a poster on the door of the Green Party headquarters in the city hall.  It is obvious what is meant, but to be so concerned about something after more than seven decades makes one wonder if they have nothing more critical to worry about.

Our friend MICHAEL showed us a very special shop with really interesting antiques.

These are two antiques that COOPER found



This heavy medal, about three inches high, was 1st prize in a yacht competition in Wilhelmshaven on 4 May 1935.


This beautiful piece of art, about 5 x 14 inches, was hand made by a crew member of U-552, the "Red Devil Boat" of ERICH TOPP, Member #118.

There were so many antiques of all descriptions and we all got something.  BILL NAPIER, Member #2290-C/LIFE collects autographs and the shop owner showed him dozens of photos of German actors and actresses of the 1930's and all hand signed by the movie star.

Now we go to the incredible museum organized and operated by MICHAEL KAISER, Member #6166


This was an air raid shelter built in the latter stages of the war.  With the pointed roof, bombs could not hit directly but rather would be deflected.  Hundreds of civilians could seek shelter in here during the air raids.  After the war, civilians whose homes had been destroyed lived here until they could be resettled.

Below left - a new addition to the museum; an engine from a Me 109 Luftwaffe fighter that was shot down over the city.  The plane was lost for decades but recently found and the motor brought here.

Below - various dud bombs found in and around Nürnberg.


World War One was essentially trench warfare and if a soldier wanted to look over his trench to spot the enemy, he used a range finder to see the enemy and to determine the distance to him.  We see this in the photo above.

If the need arose for a soldier to actually get out of his trench and go to another location, he put on a very heavy helmet and an early version of body armor as seen in the photo upper right.  JEANNIE deGENNARO, Member #8039 looks very uncomfortable under the added weight of about forty pounds.

In these other photos we see just a tiny bit of what is in this tower; a superb collection of military history from all ages.


We ate dinner in a little place called 'The Junkfood Cafe' and as usual, there was more food than any of us could eat and we normally just left the extra food on the plates when we left.  This evening however, "TOM" collected all the uneaten food and put it into a carry-out box.  We all wondered how he could keep the food until morning as we did not have refrigerators in our rooms.  Our questions were answered as we walked out of the restaurant.  "TOM" had seen a homeless man digging in the trash can outside the restaurant and as we passed this poor fellow, "TOM" handed him probably the best meal he had eaten in a very long time.  He had tears in his eyes as he stared at the food.  Sharkhunters Members are compassionate people.

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