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SHARKHUNTERS International
2016 "Southern Patrol"
Greifenstein and more...


As we approach the castle, it is almost like a Disney film.

If Prince Charming thinks he will rescue the princess from the tower, he might as well turn around and go home - these two Sharkhunters Members below have beaten him to it.  US Air Force veteran KARL YOCHER, Member #7542 (directly below) and US Marine combat veteran BILL NAPIER, Member #2290-C/LIFE (below right) are here to save the princess.


We enter through this centuries old gate.....


.....into the courtyard


Our guide at the castle greets us and we are about to begin our journey back into time.

In the photo below he is telling us that this castle has the deepest fresh water well in Europe and to prove it, he poured a glass of water into the well - it took ten seconds for us to hear the splash!  If you think back to your entry level college physics, you remember that the acceleration of gravity is thirty-two feet per second per second.  That means the first second, the water is falling at 32 feet per second but each additional second, the water accelerates 32 feet per second faster and this increases with each second the water is falling.  And so using this formula with a calculator, pencil and paper while scratching your head and being careful not to get splinters we can determine that this well is.........damn deep!

Photo below right - we are looking down into this well.


We take one last look around the beautiful courtyard before moving inside the castle - where photography is strictly forbidden!


We tread down this long hallway which should be a warning to Bambi not to bring his friends to this area (photo above) or they will end up as a display piece here.  Chances are, these were killed for their meat and the heads mounted later.  Venison is a very popular dish in Germany.

We visit the library (photo above right) where the count had a telescope to watch.......who knows, but what else was there to do?  They had no cable TV back then.

In one of the salons (photo right) we see this magnificent chest at the end of the room.  Our guide told us that it was hand built centuries ago and the craftsman took thirty years to complete the job.  That is real job security.


In the photo above left we see only one room of the weapons collection.  There are several rooms and we are told that this is the biggest weapons collection in Europe in private hands.  When the war ended and the U.S. Army took over this castle, only two pistols were taken.  The rest was untouched.

As with just about all castles, this one has its own chapel and in this chapel, there are bone fragments of their patron saint in little icons on the wall.

A glance back at the castle Greifenstein (photo left) we see a dark, foreboding scene and we wonder if the ghost of Berthold Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg walks the halls looking at the people....maybe looking for the Gestapo men who tortured him more than seven decades ago.  Who knows what secrets these old castles hold?

Berthold Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg

We just know that we had a great visit here in the halls of history - and we really do not want to be in the area when the ghost of Count von Stauffenberg finds those men of the Gestapo.  He looks pretty tough in this painting that hangs in the main hall and this was even before Operation VALKYRIE put him in such close contact with the Gestapo.

When we departed Schloß Greifenstein, we visited another castle along the way.  Not as large as Greifenstein, but just as magnificent.  Those photos are below.


       Above - photos from Schloß Greifenstein
                      Below - photos from Burg Waischenfeld what is the difference?  A Schloß (Schloss) is more or less a palace whereas a Burg is a fortress.


Above left - the entrance to the castle.

Above - they have medieval contests here.  This knight doesn't look as if he would be too difficult to defeat - he has no helmet and no weapon!

Left - part of the compound.

Below left - the place of the battle axe throwing competition.

Below - the archery competition area.


Above left - we hike up the hill to the lookout tower and.......

Above - .....and we look out through the gun port at.........

Left - the town below.  Maybe this is why von Stauffenberg had a telescope by his window in the library.

Below left - what can possibly be down in this crypt?  HARRY COOPER, Member #1-LIFE goes inside to find out.

Below - looking out of the crypt COOPER sees BILL NAPIER, Member #2290-C/LIFE and HOLGER WINEBERGER, Member #7589-LIFE in deep discussion.


We end this visit the way we end so many visits here in Germany; a French cake loaded to the gills with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream hidden below and hot cherries.  It just doesn't get any better than this!

The ice cream in Bavaria and Austria is fantastic!  Join us on our next 'Patrol' and see for yourself.

More culinary history..........


As evening is closing in on us, it is time for dinner in a very special place.  We park in an enclosed area at the base of this medieval watchtower where our friends MICHAEL and HOLGER are waiting for us.


From the car park we walked.........through the "happiest" part of Nürnberg - the "Red Light District".  Sorry we do not have photos of that but it was educational.

We arrive at this historic restaurant and we see by the sign at the front in the photo above, this restaurant opened for business 73 years BEFORE Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World!

Here they serve sausages - the tiny but very rich Nürnberger sausages that are about the size of your little finger.  Each time we are in Nürnberg, we offer the Sharkhunters Challenge.  That is if any Member can eat more sausages than the Sharkhunters Record, Sharkhunters will pay for his/her meal.

Photo below right - it says:
 "Welcome in the oldest bratwurst restaurant in the world".


A few years ago, the Sharkhunters Record was set by STEVE RIHA, Member #2937 when he ate 42 of these little sausages then had a huge ice cream sundae topped with a massive amount of whipped cream to celebrate!

The Sharkhunters Record of 42 remains unbroken but before anyone thinks that it is easy to down more than 42 of these little sausages you must know they are very tasty but extremely rich.  Most enjoy six and can eat no more.

So to anyone who thinks they can beat Big STEVE's record we say - join us in this historic place and if you can top this record of 42, Sharkhunters will be happy to buy your dinner and will post your name and photo as the new record holder.

    Schnapps - powerful stuff and not too different than what is called in the USA as "White lightning" or "Mountain Dew".

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