SHARKHUNTERS International
Berlin Patrol 2012
the Bunker HARNEKOP

This was the deep, very deep, bunker of the OKW headquarters.  Join us on this journey into the past through our photos then next year, come with us in person.  Before going down deep DEEP into the earth, we walk around the grounds - we walk in the footsteps of history.


When they pulled out, the Soviets left a lot of equipment behind,


which was unusual for them

    Appears to be a communications bunker - but whose shoes?

Okay..........take a deep breath - we are going underground; DEEP underground!

What about this entrance?   Nope.  Not today
In we go and take a last look at the outside world   TROY looks back to see if there is an escape portal
Deeper and deeper into the earth   Note that the Soviets even took the light fixtures back to Moscow

Appears to be an assembly room of sorts..........


.......with no light fixtures remaining in place


Memories of a bygone era;


memories of the 'Cold War'

    Much documentation was abandoned here

The insulation is in bad shape and


besides, it is all asbestos - not good

    Even more abandoned paperwork

The Soviet Union left


a lasting mark here

We are already deep in the earth - but now we go deeper..........and deeper


Bernie starts down another flight


of stairs, deeper and deeper into the bunker

We don't know what this is, but it was left behind by the Soviets   Part of an air lock

Although the blast door weighs many tons, it opens


easily because it is perfectly balanced

............and we go down more stairs   Eventually we are about 100 meters (330 feet) deep
The wiring is very old and getting frayed   but there was plenty of propaganda posters to keep spirits up

We are now in a command section at


about the deepest part of the compound

Down the hallway and into the command center    

Don't you wish that you were with us here?  You can be - we will return in September 2013; plan to be with us.  Let's continue our walk through the tunnels of time.

The sleeping quarters down here are sparse to say the least   A control room of sorts

The ambience of the place


leaves much to be desired

Walking along in memories   What the north entrance looked like in 1942 then in 1959


As we climb the long, LONG, LONG staircase(s) back to the light of day, our memories are filled with this trip through the tunnels of time into one of the command centers of the "Cold War", one of the major events of the 20th Century.  Our cameras and camcorders have recorded it so we can go over this great experience and over in our memories.

Join us in September 2013 and make your own memories.


Once back into the light of day, we see the many horse stables of the Kaiser's cavalry.  They are now various museums.  One is for the 5th Panzer Division, another for motorcycles and this one to the Soviet influence here.  There are many more to see.

The tall, skinny structure to the right is one of the 'Winkle bunkers', named for Winkel who designed them.  There were air raid shelters for the populace and it is easy to see that bombs could not make a direct hit on the bunker.  Judge the size by comparing with the tiny humans in the photo.  Hundreds could duck in here to avoid the bombing. 


We are now back into the light of day after being about 100 meters deep in the bunker of the OKW headquarters.  You may either click BACK on your browser to return to the previous page or CLICK HERE TO GO ON TO THE NEXT DAY OF ACTIVITY

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