SHARKHUNTERS International
Berlin Patrol 2012
Wednesday 5 September - we are on the march again, this time in the heart of this great city.  Join us on these pages and hopefully next year, you will join us in person in 2013.

This was the  headquarters of the 1st SS, the LAH
It is now the U.S. Consulate in Berlin
  It isn't difficult to figure where we are
and what we will be visiting here.......

Police headquarters as it appears today


and in the inner courtyard as it looked in the war years



In the inner courtyard, this is the place where von Stauffenberg was stood against the wall and shot immediately after the failed assassination attempt on Hitler's life at the Wolfsschanze.

He was branded a traitor then - hailed as a hero in Germany today.


In the building an entire floor is set aside for the history of von Stauffenberg and all the conspirators of Operation Valkyrie but one hall was under reconstruction so many photos of the conspirators were moved outside until construction was finished.

General Olbricht   Oberst (Colonel) Mertz   Generaloberst (Lt. General) Beck

Traitor?  Hero?  Generally speaking, if someone assassinates the leader of a country or attempts to, by law and definition he is a traitor. Years later, depending on the political situation, he may still be thought to be a traitor or considered a hero.

These men were shot on 20 July 1944 in the courtyard of police headquarters for their part in the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler.

The men who were quickly rounded up and shot were perhaps the lucky ones.  Other conspirators were given "drumhead" trials and condemned to a horrible execution.  They had a piece of wire wrapped around their neck then hoisted up and the end of the wire looped over a meathook.  The condemned was then allowed to hang and strangle on the wire - and all the while, cameras recorded the entire execution.

Oberst (Colonel) von Stauffenberg       Oberleutnant (1st) Lt. von Haeften

We now go inside and walk through the halls where we see many propaganda posters displayed......



Also interesting is the fact that every room has at least one school group going through the rooms.

Here we can get an idea just how many school groups were in the building.  We passed more than a dozen such groups in an hour.


It is also most interesting to note the trim that is on the floor around the edges of almost every room we visited.

To display this symbol of the Third Reich in public by a private person would surely bring prison time, but apparently this is okay in such a building.


We have said our goodbyes to von Stauffenberg and his fellow conspirators and we have departed police headquarters, and we are now on our way to more historic places in Berlin.


What are we looking at here?  We are standing above the Führerbunker that was situated beneath the Reichkanzlei - the German Chancellery.  The apartment buildings in the background were built as upscale (by Soviet standards) accommodations for the hard-core party aficionados and workers.  They are now merely apartments for rent. 

Photo below left is the entrance to the Chancellery in the war years.

Photo below right is an overview of the layout of the Führerbunker deep beneath the city.

DVD-116 takes us
INSIDE and through the Führerbunker room by room.  Click on these clips to get an idea what is on this DVD.
SCENE #1    SCENE #2    SCENE #3

A part of the original wall   There are auto clubs for these old Soviet built cars whose
engines boasted only eleven moving parts - and they still run fine,

Once the Luftfahrtsministereum (Air Ministry) of Hermann


Göring, it is now the Finance Ministry


The famous "Checkpoint Charlie" where once enemies faced each other with loaded guns - today a souvenir stand where you can get your passport stamped with messages of the past.

A Sharkhunters group was here on the day before the DDR evaporated!  HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) and MANFRED ROEDER (1517-LIFE-1990) left the group on that day and entered the HQ of the East German Border Forces - and COOPER took the overcoat and hat of the Camp Commandant!  Then he hauled down the Flag of the DDR that flew over the compound and all these artifacts came back to Sharkhunters HQ in Florida.