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Intrigue and the Third Reich in Brazil


We have all read and heard about Third Reich influence in almost all South American countries before World War II, during the war and even after the war.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes with Sharkhunters research into the South American connection with the Third Reich through the 1930's and up to today.  Look closely at this impenetrable jungle below - can you spot any remains of the Third Reich?  Relax - we will take you there with the following photos.

Much of this is being revealed now that we are opening our fifteen and twenty year old files as well as what was learned by HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) and NAHUEL COCA (7304-2008) in January 2008.  There will be more Intel learned and released after our January 2009 Argentine Expedition.


JACK GOODIER (127-1990) had told us that he had heard of some kind of German colony deep inside the Amazon jungle.  Movie star and film producer MONTE MARKHAM (3526-1994) confirmed that he came upon this graveyard some twenty or more years ago when he was shooting a movie.  MONTE said they had found this old cemetery near...............well, that information was in KTB #213 and our Members read it there.




There is no longer a mystery - Third Reich expeditions were indeed, all through South America.  These photos were taken in 1935; long before the beginning of the war.  There was even a German movie made of this expedition as we see below.


The title translates to something like "Mysteries of the Forest Hell".  We like to think it really means:
                "Sharkhunters Welcome Here!"

Naturally, we hope to be able to add more photos from our own cameras as we hope to go to this area ourselves soon.

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