Don Angel was a spy - that was confirmed by Sharkhunters Members both on the German side and on the American side, but they all had the same observation - that he was not a very good spy and everyone in the business knew that he was a spy!

In the early days of World War II, when it was just a European conflict, he was involved in "
Operation WILLIE" in which he was the lynch pin to success in this operation.  In this operation, the abdicated King Edward VIII of England, then the Duke of Windsor, was living in Portugal and his pro-Hitler and pro-German sentiments were widely reported in the world press.  The goal of "Operation Willie" was for Don Angel to have "Teddy", as the former king was known, accompany him on a hunting expedition into Spain.  Once inside Spain where the German Abwehr was heavily imbedded, "Teddy" would be captured by the Abwehr and held for ransom - the payoff was to be the end of hostilities between England and Germany.  The plan failed.  "Teddy" did not go hunting with Don Angel and so the whole plan fell apart.

Don Angel then worked for the Japanese "To" (Eastern) spy ring for much of the war, where he was involved with many plots and intrigues.

Late in the war, Don Angel began to work for the German security after the SS had taken it over from the Abwehr.  He had several postings and finally, to the Führerbunker in Berlin for the final few months of the war - where he personally saw Adolf Hitler forcibly drugged by direct orders of Martin Bormann and removed from the bunker before the alleged suicide.

Don Angel continued to work for the 'movement' well after the end of the war, helping various people escape to South America via a well-organized escape agency.  The people would travel through Europe under false names, usually with Vatican issued passports, to a little town called Villa Garcia some 30 kilometers from Vigo, Spain.  From there, they were taken by various means (fishing boats, sailing boats, "
black" U-Boats etc.) to various destinations in South America.  This went on from middle 1944 through middle 1947!

Martin Bormann is one of those he helped to escape, as proven by a CBS documentary that aired in the late 1960's or early 1970's - notwithstanding the "magical discovery" of a body said to be Bormann by the government.

Don Angel worked for the old order until sometime in 1958 when he decided to quit the
spook business and just live out his life in peace and quiet.  Sometime in the late 1980's Don Angel gave us a 114 page-long (typewritten) document describing all his activities.

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