Born 31 October 1911 in Bad Osdesloed was in Naval Class 1936.  When the war began, he was serving at the U-Bootschüll in Neustadt.  He was then posted to U-99 under OTTO KRETSCHMER (122-+-1985) where he served as I.W.O. for several patrols.  He was a highly capable officer and KRETSCHMER recommended him for Commander Training and ultimately, for command of his own boat.

In conversations I had with KRETSCHMER, he had the highest praise for the skill and courage of BARGSTEN.


BARGSTEN put U-563 into commission in March of 1940 and during the battle against Convoy HG.75, he sank a freighter and unsuccessfully attacked a Royal Navy destroyer.  Some hours later, a second attack against HMS COSSACK was successful, and BARGSTEN sank the destroyer.

In June of 1942, BARGSTEN commissioned U-521 and during his various patrols, had good successes and on 30 April 1943, was decorated with the
Knights Cross.

Only a month and a half later, U-521 was sunk off the American east coast on 2 June by the US Navy sub-chaser PC-565.  BARGSTEN was the only survivor and when he was struggling in the water, RAY LANKHEIM (321-1987) had his 20mm trained on this lone survivor and the crew was under orders to '
kill them all' but LANKHEIM could not bring himself to shoot this lone man in the cold water, and so BARGSTEN survived the war.

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