Captain SLADE CUTTER was quite a guy.  He was the Illinois State High School Champion flautist.  While attending the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, he was boxing champion and he kicked the field goal that defeated the heavily favored Army team that year.

During World War II, SLADE CUTTER was Skipper of USS SEAHORSE, and he galloped all over the enemy in the Pacific.  Under his command, USS SEAHORSE sank 19 Japanese ships with a combined tonnage of 71,729 tons - a very high number of ships and tonnage for an American boat.  One of the ships he sank was a submarine tender - and he also sank a Japanese submarine, Ro-45.


Over the course of his career in the war, SLADE CUTTER was decorated with many honors including the
Navy Cross - four times!

Captain CUTTER was always helpful to Sharkhunters and in 2002 we went to visit him, Captain NED BEACH (1163-1989) and RADM GENE FLUCKEY (2169-1992).  These three great American submarine Skippers sat at a table and hand-signed 1,000 fine art prints for use by Sharkhunters to continue to move forward.

After the few hours at the signing table, I invited the Skippers out for dinner and drinks.  RADM FLUCKEY had another engagement, but CUTTER and BEACH joined us.  The war stories that these two veterans told are priceless, and appear in our KTB Magazine.

SLADE CUTTER was an outstanding submarine Skipper, a fine officer, and a great Member of Sharkhunters.

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