Born 6 March 1915 in the bustling city of Hamburg and in Naval Class 1934, he commanded U-172 and became a highly successful Skipper.  Over his many Feindfahrten (war patrols), CARL EMMERMANN sank some 27 ships with a total of 152,904 tons and became one of the most successful submarine Skippers of any navy in World War II.

  Formal photo on receiving his               Relaxing on the bridge in a
    Oak Leaf to his Knights Cross                      faraway ocean

27 November 1942, he was decorated with the
Knights Cross.

     A relaxing smoke with his I.W.O.                             Reading in the warm
                                                                                   tropical waters

4 July 1943, he was decorated with the
Oak Leaf to his Knights Cross.

He was an very accomplished Skipper with many successes and was helpful to Sharkhunters.

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