Admiral IGNATIUS J. GALANTIN was better known merely as "Pete", and he was one of the more colorful US Navy submarine Skippers in World War II.  As Skipper of USS HALIBUT (SS 232), he cut a wide swath through Japanese shipping and was decorated with the
Navy Cross and 3 Silver Star Medals.

After the war, he wrote several books including "Submarine Admiral" and his best known book, "Take Her Deep!".  He had various roles in the peacetime Navy including being head of the "Special Projects" Group, which meant nuclear weapons and
SPOOK operations.


Here we see Admiral "PETE" GALANTIN at the building of the nuclear submarine that bore the name of his WW II command, USS HALIBUT (SSGN 587).  This boat was best known for her
SPOOK work that was revealed in the book "Blind Man's Bluff" in which USS HALIBUT penetrated Soviet harbors to put specially trained personnel out to 'tap' the telephone lines and other highly sensitive communication equipment.

We met "PETE" at a formal dinner in the 1990's celebrating the birthday of the US Navy Submarine Service at the USN "Boomer" base of King's Bay.  Suddenly, the submarine officers began throwing bread rolls at one another!  We then learned that this was an old Navy tradition.............and Mrs. Galantin was throwing whole loaves of bread!  "PETE" and I just continued to duck the flying bakery products and barrages of 'silly string' as we talked.

He was a great guy, and helped Sharkhunters all he could.

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