GEORGE GAY was thrust into a very unusual niche in history when, during the Battle of Midway, his squadron of torpedo bombers attacked the Japanese fleet without fighter cover.  Every one of their fifteen aircraft were destroyed and twenty-nine of their thirty men were lost.  GEORGE GAY was the sole survivor of Torpedo Squadron 8.

        George Gay during         Ens. George Gay on the wing
        his R.O.T.C. days.         of his squadron leader's plane.

He flew right along the flight deck of the carrier AKAGI so the Japanese gunners couldn't shoot at him, then ditched his shot-up plane in the ocean nearby.  He watched the Battle of Midway while bobbing around in the water.  He was later picked up and he survived the war.

When his time in the military had finished, GEORGE GAY became a commercial pilot and eventually retired to live out his life quietly in the south.

He was an interesting guy with a lot of war stories to tell, but he was also kind of moody.  Through the intervention of Fate, a real American hero.

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